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So I left work on Monday feeling relatively OK - I had $90 left until Friday but with work coming consistently I wasn't really too preoccupied with it.

Then I got off the subway and saw that I had a voicemail on my cellphone. It was my temp agency, asking me if I was going to be available this week. Which meant that I didn't have any consistent work. Which is why yesterday I was home, internet-less, and bummed.

Last night I met up with the woman and some friends and we caught the last show of "The Princess and the Warrior", which was interesting but not really mind-blowing, though it tried to be. Having called my temp agency several times during the day and having them say that nothing had come through just yet, I figured that I had today off, and since the woman was out of work, we could spend all day flopping around and just spending some good QT.

It was about 11:15 this morning; we had just finished laying out our plans for the day - pancakes, a christening of her new bong, Scrabble and possibly Being John Malkovich on DVD - when my cell phone rang. It was my temp agency, asking if I could come in this afternoon, it was an emergency.


So I'm here, at work, though I won't be on IM, and I'm super-pissed off that I got cock-teased with a day off, even though I desperately need money.

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