Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

mixing / apartment hunting / misc.

1. After an incredibly nerve-wracking wait, we got the call late last night; we'll be mixing on Thursday. I'm grateful to the karmic gods that taking off another day from work again won't really be that big a deal. Anyway, I'm not leaving the session until I have a CD in my hands, and if I can get home before 3am that night I'll put up some mp3s.

2. Forgot to mention that Kath and I are looking at an apartment on Wednesday (we think - our agent, Norberto, told us about it last week and said he'd call us on Monday to confirm a Wednesday showing, but he never did). Apparently the realtor is having a very difficult time finding something that meets our requirements; NYC generally requires a 20% down payment on co-ops, which is completely insane and more or less impossible for us, but this place is only 10% on $210K and apparently has everything else we're looking for. Closing costs are another matter entirely. Might have to ask the 'rents about a small loan, which I'm somewhat loath to do; my grandmother has just been moved into a nursing home and her Medicare is a bit fucked up, which means that my mom/stepfather are footing a very expensive bill until it gets resolved. My dad also just bought a house not too long ago, so I'm sorta reluctant to ask him about it. Anyway, we still have to see if the place is OK; normally I'm hesitant to go with the first thing we see but prices and interest rates are increasing all the time, and if this place is doable we might just have to go for it.

3. Our realtor's name is Norberto.

4. If I were picking the music for a horror movie, I might have to go with a lot of the tracks off of Tortoise's first album. "Onions Wrapped In Rubber" is fucking creepy. I love that album dearly, but I hadn't listened to it in a long time and that song appeared on my iPod last night while I was in that post-work commuting half-sleep and sent shivers all over my body.

5. Speaking of sleep, I had a pretty cool dream this morning; part of it took place in a bookstore (which is probably the locale for about 50% of my dreams lately), but the only part I remember in detail is that I was in a music video for some band I'd never heard of. U2's "Miracle Drug" was the soundtrack (even though that wasn't the music for the video), and I was part of this group of people lobbing tennis balls all over a completely empty Park Avenue. There was something really tranquil about watching the balls arc over the medians in a high summer sky, and we were all sorta floating over the street.

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