Re: More info please!!
Funny story, actually.

Alex, Kath and I went to see All Wear Bowlers last night at Here. (Side note - the show was amazing. They credit David Shiner as a consultant, who has worked with Bill extensively.) Anyway, the show was slated to begin at 8:30, but at 8:45 they were still waiting to start. There were two empty seats, directly in front of the 3 of us. We started joking around, wondering who could be so rude as to show up late... and then I noticed Bill Irwin walk in with a friend... and sit in those very empty seats, directly in front of us. I guess if Bill is going to see your show, which is about clowning, you hold the show for him.

Afterwards, Alex tapped him on the shoulder and he was incredibly gracious and nice - shook all of our hands, was really down-to-earth and, frankly, grateful that people knew who he was. And yes, he has a 6 Characters business card and the dates for "Best Show Ever".

Re: More info please!!
AWESOME. Yes - we have the card for All Wear Bowlers on our fridge - hope we haven't missed it.
Re: More info please!!
that's so awesome. i would imagine Bill Irwin to be as gracious as you describe him. And if he comes to the show I'll verily poop my pants.

oh and mmmmmmmmmmmakers.
Re: Geekin' out
I don't know if I've ever been that nervous in front of a 'celebrity'--no, scratch that--GENIUS. I wonder if BIll saw my hand shake as I handed him our card...I think I said something like, "We're like these guys [All Wear Bowlers] except, uh, in color, and there are six of us." (Brilliant...)

My favorite was his face when he saw our bright red logo. He held it away from him like the brightness was making him squint. Ah, Bill, I hope you never read this and realize what a giant GEEK I am.

Oh, let's face it, he already knows.