Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Christ, I think this place has LJ firewalled. Or else something is spazzing out. Updates will be sporadic at best.

Have I mentioned that this job that stole away my afternoon, the job that I was told was an emergency situtation, that people were freaking out, etc., have I mentioned that my sole responsibility this afternoon is to answer phones?

"The Princess and the Warrior" is wierd. The cinematography is mindblowing (I'm thinking of one particular shot - the first time we meet Bodo (the Warrior) leaning over a bridge) and the soundtrack is awesome. But the pacing is uneven - it's incredibly exciting in some parts, but then a seemingly incidental scene will just go on and on and on, leading you to believe that you're seeing incredibly important foreshadowing elements, but actually you're not, you're just supposed to think you are.

Here's a better way to explain what I'm talking about - the main theme of the movie is the idea of souls and lives intertwined through destiny, but in this case, destiny is what you make of it, and you'll make any sort of connection you can in order to allow a synchronicity to occur. That isn't exactly destiny, folks - that's like reading too much into horoscopes.

I mean, you wanna talk about synchronicity and fate and intertwined souls, ask me how I met my current girlfriend. I guarantee you'll be, at the very least, impressed.

"A.I." opens this weekend, and the early reviews seem to say the same thing - it's visually insane, and there's a lot to digest, but it's not a slam-dunk brilliant film, mostly because Spielberg and Kubrick are about as divergent in style and theme as you can possibly get. Rolling Stone puts it this way - imagine if Francis Ford Coppola had called up Ron Howard to help him finish Apocolypse Now. Regardless, I'm all over it...

I'm gonna see if there's any food on this floor.

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