I'm only going to put 2 up for right now; there are 3 more, but I'm going to deal with those when we get everything mastered. These 2 are the ones that I'm most excited about.

Hell yeah. Nice work. This is WAAYYY ahead of prior Good Evening material I have heard.

Mastering will really let these songs speak. IMHO, the bass is kinda wolfy in "Faster". I really like the sound world of "Early", and compressing the entire mix in certain spots will really bring that out. But those are just details. As a whole, everything sounds super. I think you got your money's worth out of this studio... what 5 songs for $1500, at this quality of recording and mixing. Definitely.
It sounds really good. I agree that some attention needs to be given to the bass when mastering "Faster"... have them notch it out a little in the 60-100 cycles range. The low end in "Early" is excellent though (at least on these Grado headphones... haven't listened down in the studio yet). Both songs could use a little more weight in the mids around 700-850 cycles to give the vocals and snare more beef. These are great sounding mixes though with a lot to work with.
Knowing nothing about music short of "I like this" or "I don't like this", I have to say I really dig Faster. It kind of sounds Travis-y to me. Rock, man.
dude. i wish i didn't have to be brief here but work is slammin today. these sound great. congrats!
Those sound really good. They have kind of a slight coldplay, or "Bends" era Radiohead type of thing going on. I like the feel of the songs. I wish I could find people around here who wanted to play stuff like that. Let me know when the full CD is out and ready.