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Thanks for all of your comments yesterday; after posting that entry I passed out for about 12 hours. I'm only now finally awake, somewhat coherent, and (most importantly) still very excited. Here, then, are the 3 other songs. These are (also) unmastered, and there are certainly some minor mixing issues (although they're not terrible, and of course mastering will help a great deal). I've been listening to these songs on as many different speakers as possible, including 3 different pairs of headphones. I'm still finding lots of cool stuff; mostly, though, I'm still enjoying the end result.

These are also in track order. (The final tracklist will be: Early, Faster, The Spark I Was, Go On, Backbone.)

The Spark I Was
Go On

My favorite moments: the fourth snare crack in the "Early" coda; the 2nd chorus/bridge of "Spark"; the very end of "Go On"; the bass/drum grooves at the end of "Early" and "Backbone" (I like the guitar stuff, too, but the grooves are what really make them work - the drums at the end of Backbone are all recorded through the U47s and sound completely awesome). "Go On" is the most problematic of all the songs we recorded; it's the one we finished mixing at 4:30am, so the mix isn't totally perfect, and it's also the song that least represents what we do. "The Spark", however, came out really well, and I'm really sad that I didn't get to do any backing vocals on it. I did get to lay down acoustic guitar tracks for it, though, and I would've put an egg shaker on it too if the guys didn't laugh me out of the booth...

Anyway, please listen and offer any and all feedback, good and bad. We're not going to be mastering these for a couple weeks at least (and I may be e-mailing one of you in particular about that, depending on the availability of our options here in the city), so if you have any suggestions, now would be the time. Again, thanks for listening and being so supportive throughout this whole process.

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