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the monday recap

1. Tomorrow is the big doctor's appointment. I'm not that nervous about the actual procedure, but I'm pretty terrified about the anaesthesia - I've never gone under before, and for some unknown reason I have this completely irrational, nightmarish fear about not waking back up. In any event, I'm on a liquid diet until tomorrow night.

2. In case you missed it, I've put up the remaining 3 songs from the EP. Here, then, are all of them in one convenient location and properly sequenced.

The Spark I Was
Go On

3. Weekend was pretty dull. Several of you seem to think that Arrested Development has jumped the shark; not me. I admit that I'm hazy on why G.O.B. can't remember his wife, although I've missed at least 3 or 4 episodes this season. However, Dave Attell as David Cross as Tobias is comedy gold. The way I look at it, if the rumors are indeed true and FOX is not going to renew AD for next season, they might as well got for every insane storyline they possibly can.

4. Keep in mind that FOX is probably not going to renew AD next season, but they DID just pick up a new show called "Life On A Stick", of which the less said the better. Oh, also, the promo for the new Pamela Anderson shitcom "Stacked" is just insulting.

There is no 5.
I'm not quite sure if AD has jumped the shark, but I think we'll know when it has: when Barry Zukercorn is involved in any sort of waterskiing subplot. :)
D'oh! Of course! :D

There are too many layered references on this show. Sometimes I feel like I need a companion guide or something.
I gotta say, I think AD started sliding at the end of the first season, with the exception of the last couple of episodes. It started so brilliantly that I think it was hard to keep that pace. But I don't think it's slipped to shark jumping level just yet.

I feel like it's become a little more episodic? The jokes and the plots just seem a bit more forced, whereas it all seemed so organic in the beginning. I'm sure that's partially because Fox is pushing them to make it that way.

So it may not have jumped yet, but there's definitely a shark in the vicinity.