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Interesting read about the Americanized version of "The Office", which apparently debuts this Thursday. Bonus points for not using a laugh track. I have serious reservations, of course, but Steve Carell might just pull it off.
I was really really concerned myself, but after reading that article, I think there's a chance it might fly.

I do think that fans of the original show will have a hard time with the pilot, especially, since we know that nobody likes a remake. Look at all the whining that is happening with the HHGTTG movie, for example.
There appear to be a lot of talented actors on the show, but every snippet I've seen in the commercials is absolutely painful to view—and in not in the good original Office way.
i heard vance degeneres is on it too--is that true? either way, i'm really looking forward to it.
i saw it last year... i seriously hope the retooled it because the one i saw was basically an exact copy of the original first episode. all the same jokes except some culturally modified ones. it was really not good
I've seen the pilot. He doesn't pull it off. It's not his fault. And, yes, the bonus points they earn for no laugh track are taken away for bringing no innovation whatsoever to the table. The only dialogue that's changed from the British pilot is anything that relies on a British cultural reference.

It's not quite as awful as people are saying it is, but if you've seen the original series there's no reason to watch this one. You'll just feel queasy.
I'm prepared to be disappointed. But I'll give it a shot.