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Yesterday ended up being a day off, which was great; went to the woman's house, rented 2 DVDs (Pitch Black and Cast Away), christened her new bong, played 2 incredibly frustrating rounds of Scrabble (bad hands included AEEIOUU), and really just basically hung out, which we seemingly haven't done in, like, weeks. It was very much needed. Cast Away, which I shied away from when it was in the theatres, was actually quite moving and great; it also totally reinforced my fear of flying as something quite reasonable to have (to paraphrase DFW and "Infinite Jest", the airplane crash sequence gave me the 'howling fantods'). Pitch Black, however, was pretty stupid.

I've been writing some really cool grooves lately, on the 4-track, and I'm even starting to get some really nice vocal melodies happening; I'm not quite ready to put pen to paper and actually writing lyrics, but I'm not necessarily worried about it either; some of these ideas are really strong and there are words and phrases starting to form in my head. I'm starting to get really pumped about the gig, even though it's not for another 5 weeks or so; although I'm also a little concerned about how it's gonna sound through the P.A. - I gotta get some sound-checkin' action in.

So "A.I." comes out today, and all the reviews I've read seem to describe it much the same way, whether they hate it or love it. The woman is in the process of scoping out ticket availability - I'm not necessarily holding my breath, though.

...Back to "work"...

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