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The guy who mastered our CD is a pretty cool guy. I knew he had an impressive resume, but then I saw all the platinum records along the wall... the one that really caught my eye was Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature". Mastering is such a wierd, subtle thing; I don't really know what he was doing. I mean, he told us how he was staying away from squashing it in compression, instead preferring to keep it open and rich with EQ... listening to it now, on my computer speakers, I can tell that the levels are a lot more balanced - the vocals aren't so present, the bass isn't as woofy... the sound is maybe a bit more 3-dimensional, maybe. But it's hard to say definitively - I've listened to these recordings about a zillion times, I can't tell what's what any more.

So, anyway, all that's left is finalizing the artwork and sending it off to the printer. The total cost of this EP will end up being around $4200, barring something unforeseen. When they arrive, I'll be sending out copies....

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