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Rumors everywhere, and now this on

Heroin OD, is what I'm gathering. Fucking weak.
1. You need a lozenge?
2. You know something I don't?
3. You in the middle of an OD?

In all seriousness, nothing pisses me off more than a heroin OD. Too many brilliant people have gone that way, including people I've actually known, and it's just endlessly frustrating.
I'm looking at the date, for one. He didn't really look like he used the smack, either.

But second, that would suck if we don't get let off the hook tomorrow. I JUST MISSED him here in Nashville.
Yeah but if you wanted to do the april fool's joke, you'd start it about... THAT early.

Is LJ saying it's the first?!
My comments page says it's 1:30 in the morning, April 1. And if this is indeed an AFD joke, it's the worst. joke. ever.
I notice that Comedy Central don't as such have a "news" story on his death on the site... but they do have a DVD of his greatest standup moments on sale!