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I totally forgot to mention that we saw SPAMALOT on Friday. It's funny and silly and, ultimately, somewhat forgettable. It's telling that the most memorable song is "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life", which isn't even in Holy Grail. However, the program is fucking HILARIOUS - just as with the movie, there's a false start with a full cast bio for "Dik Od Traiannenen Fol", a "story, in music and song, of Finland's transformation from a predominantly rural agricultural base to one of the most sophisticated industrial and entrepreneurial economies in the world".
Well, I think that thing to remember is that this is not a musical version of Holy Grail, but more of a general "Monty Python musical that mostly exists to spoof Broadway shows".

Well, sort of. There is quite a lot of jabbing at Broadway conventions (and some merciless ribbing at Andrew Lloyd Weber's expense), but the plot is more or less following Holy Grail, and there are more than few scenes which are word-for-word reproductions.
FYI, I saw the show in January :)

I guess my point was just that if you were going into it expecting a musical version of Holy Grail, I could see being disappointed. My take was that Grail was simply the major vehicle, but even the plot isn't quite the same - the quest for the Grail becomes secondary to the quest to put on a Broadway show. Unless they changed that. Heck, my favorite song in there was David Hyde Pierce's one about how you can't get to Broadway if you ain't got any Jews.
All that being said, this is pretty accurate:

It's funny and silly and, ultimately, somewhat forgettable.

I was really jazzed about it for a few days after seeing it, and I'm glad I went, but it wasn't life-changing in any way :)
Eric Idle makes more money off "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." I mean, he even dragged that old thing out at Graham Chapman's funeral...