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1. Yeah, so the apartment wasn't quite all we'd hoped. Aside from it being a ground-floor job, with heating pipes sticking out everywhere and an unimpressive remodeling, it was also an incredibly long walk from the subway - much too long for Kath's foot, at any rate. Kath really put it best, when we got home: "This is the apartment that I'm going to be pregnant in." That goes a long way towards the sort of perspective we need to have. It's also fucking SCARY, because it's TRUE.

2. I haven't played more than an hour or so of Jade Empire, but I can already tell that it's going to be AWESOME. If you enjoyed KOTOR, you'll have absolutely no problem getting into JE. If you didn't play KOTOR, you should, but JE is as user-friendly as any game I've played in a long time. I'll put up more detailed impressions when I've given it a bit more time, but I'm just giving the initial heads-up - it's pretty goddamned impressive.
kath seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

and bioware doesn't disappoint (got a vew VFS friends there and they were all very talented). did you ever play neverwinter nights?
Yeah, Neverwinter Nights was amazing. I tried doing the map editor, too, but I very quickly got in over my head. KOTOR was very similar to NWN in many respects, and JE is a very clear descendant of KOTOR. Some people knock JE for not being groundbreaking, but that's just (a) unfair and (b) not taking into account that JE might not have been as interested in creating something groundbreaking as much as creating a unique world with original characters and storylines.
exactly. when you've got a game engine that kicks that much ass, why not shift your focus to the pacing of the story and the development/design of the characters? i can't wait to play it.

just picked up MCIII, btw.
NICE! Do you have the means for online play yet? B/c, I mean, dude, it's been FOREVER.
dude, i know--but i still don't have a non-modded box. :(

once i get settled in san diego--i PROMISE. :)
The phrase is cute at first, but you just wait.
"This is the bathtub I'm going to be pregnant in."
"I can't be pregnant with these bedsheets."
"Does this make me look pregnant?"
"Malkovich Malkovich."

But what would really be more accurate is, "this is the apartment that will be filled with hundreds of Elmos."

Take my word...