CD giveaway.

So the CDs finally arrived, and they're just awesome. The artwork came out great, and it still sounds as good as it ever did. YAY!!!! Tremendous amounts of excitement here.

I want to get these out to you guys. So badly, in fact, that I'm going to give away free copies to the first 10 people who want 'em. If that's you, e-mail me your address (jervonyc at gmail dot com) and I'll fire them off. EDIT: The limit has been reached! Sorry. But I'm sure I'll be giving them away again, soon enough. I hate making friends pay for this stuff.

Cool cause now that I got promoted, if I'm working that day, it's my whole day! I'm there 12-10 the next four days. Ah salary management!
Will you be there on Saturday, by any chance? That's the soonest I'd be able to get over there. Also, will you guys have Forza by then?
What's Forza? I'm off to work, so if I don't respond...

Oh yeah, Saturday is perfect.
Go to and look in contact for the Music Director. We are the University of Washington's student radio station, and we're always looking for new stuffs to add to the playlist. Send it to us and I'm sure we'll try to get it on.
i just put two and two together--thanks man! and if i'm not in the top 10, feel free to charge me. :)