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In lieu of an actual entry, of which one is forthcoming this afternoon, here are some amazing Overheard in NY quotes:

Woman #1: Ah, look at those beautiful puppies.
Woman #2: Puppies are bullshit.


Woman: Every time I try to explain it to you, you don't understand --
Man: I'm killing your dreams?


Crazy woman: 66?
Guy: Huh?
Crazy woman: 66?
Guy: Are you asking if it's 66th Street?
Crazy woman: Do you speak english?
Guy: ...no...I don't.
Hee hee:

Dumb teen: Hey, look at this! It says "Train for jobs in beeyotch."
Smarter teen: Fool! That word is biotech. Why you gotta be ignorant all your life?

-- 1 Train