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The long-overdue list of 5

1. My promised update yesterday, obviously, didn't happen. I had an appointment with my new doctor (thanks, echothree) and, after saying I was worried about the wierd pinching sensations in my lower back and if they're related to my kidney stone from last August, he made an appointment for me to get a kidney scan later that afternoon. I asked the woman who was scanning me if she saw anything, and she said that she saw a very small stone on my right kidney (where I had the stone last year) and that she wanted to make sure that what she was seeing on my left kidney wasn't a cyst. Great. And aside from the now obligatory "drink more water" advice, I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to be doing, nor am I any closer to having this discomfort stop. In fact, today I'm even more aware of it than ever.

The new doctor, though, is awesome. Really nice guy, knows his stuff, specializes in GI disorders, took the time to listen to me and now I feel like I'm in good, trustworthy hands.


2. More medical adventures on Wednesday - I get my partial bridge AND I have a therapy session. Which reminds me, I never really talked about that.

Basically, without getting into too much detail, the cognitive behavioral approach is totally what I need. Nothing abstract or wierd - I had mentioned how, back when I was in college and seriously considering therapy, how I was really into Jung and how I'd prefer to work with someone in that background, and then the therapist and I basically said at the same time that while Jung is conceptually amazing and really interesting to discuss, it's not inherently designed with any practical applications. My first homework assignment, however, was to list 10 things that I wanted to accomplish through this therapy, and then we work on dealing with those issues. If something else crops up as a result of therapy, then that's great - that can be addressed as well, if it looks like it might lead to something positive and productive. The guy is really cool, is also familiar with GI disorders and we really hit it off. I couldn't be happier with the process and am anxious (in a good way) to get back there.


3. This has been an incredibly expensive month; each therapy session is $175, which my insurance does not cover; I had to shell out nearly $500 for the Good Evening CDs; each dentist and doctor appointment sets me back another $10-$20 in copays, and I don't even want to think about how much the bridge is going to cost. Plus, Kath and I will have our one-year anniversary later this month. (By the way, that's INSANE.)


4. At least the Yankees aren't totally painful to watch anymore. Giambi aside (oy), the last three games have been pleasing. And nothing makes me happier than to see Tino kicking ass again. He's been on FIRE the last few days and hopefully the rest of the bats will start to wake up as well. Still, though, the team is OLD and I'm not entirely convinced that they could make the playoffs - it remains to be seen if Baltimore's pitching can hold up, but, then again, if the Yankees keep sucking, it won't really matter. It's hard to maintain the Yankee fan swagger when getting to 5 games under .500 is a positive development.


5. The date and time has been officially set; the Good Evening CD release party will be at Sin-E on Friday, June 3rd.

8 - Kissinger
9 - Good Evening
10 - The Baskervilles
11 - Shuttlecock

And then we party, somewhere. More details to come, obviously.
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