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Many things to write about, but first: David Cross's Top-10 Albums to Listen To While Reading Overwrought Pitchfork Reviews.

1. Saw the urologist on Wednesday - did I really not talk about this? Guess not. Anyway, he said that what the sonogram actually revealed was NOT a kidney stone but an "acoustical focus", which doesn't necessarily indicate anything. So I've been scheduled for a CT scan on Monday morning. Would you believe that my stomach pains have subsided dramatically over hearing this news?

2. I might have been the most enthusiastic fan in the room when I got free tickets to see an advanced screening of The Life Aquatic - on my birthday, no less - but the movie itself didn't quite do anything for me. In my LJ review I even wrote "It's a Wes Anderson movie, Bill Murray is absolutely fantastic, there's a lot of great dialogue and certainly this is a movie I'll want on DVD to examine in great detail. But ultimately, it's also a movie that I'll forget about after a while." Well, the Criterion DVD came out this week and, of course, I bought it. Watched some of the special features first, hoping that it would pique my interest in re-watching the movie. The special features are of the usual fantastic Criterion quality, but the one that's really special is the interview with Mark Mothersbaugh, which is one of the most insightful pieces about film scoring I've ever seen. Anyway, I did end up watching the movie, and I have to say - I'm still not terribly taken with it. If anything, watching it on DVD exposes even more of the - dare I say - amateurishness that I remember from seeing it in the theater. I still think that the characters are largely one-dimensional, and that the movie is basically a long sequence of exquisitely set-up compositional shots as opposed to a series of events that tell a compelling story. I'm assuming that you've seen the film at this point, but if you haven't, ***SPOILER ALERT*** I still think that Owen Wilson's death is given ZERO time to sink in and affect anybody; it's more like, Owen dies, he gets a burial at sea, and then off we go into the next scene. ***END SPOILER*** I feel like for all the obvious detail that went into making the film, it still has a sense of being hastily cobbled together, which is somewhat disorienting.

3. David from Good Evening introduced me to Italo Cavino, whose "If On A Winter's Night A Traveler" I'm loving the hell out of right now. On deck - "Cosmiccomics", "Invisible Cities" and "T Zero". What a writer! How did I not ever hear of this guy before? He's like a cross between DeLillo, Eco and maybe Vonnegut.

4. Reggie Miller played his final game last night. As a Knicks fan in the 90's, there was nobody I hated more than Reggie - not even MJ, and I loathed MJ. That alien-headed toothpick sank more clutch 3s than anybody I ever saw, and I hated him so much I couldn't even respect him. I stopped caring about basketball about 5 or 6 years ago and so I don't really give a shit anymore, but I had to give the man his due. Reggie, have a nice retirement, you fucking fuck!

5. This last week has been verrrrrry slow at work, which is great because I've basically been watching every minute of Gamespot's E3 coverage. I watched all the press conferences - Sony's PS3 has impressive specs but all the amazing demo footage was pre-rendered, which means that a lot of what was shown was actually a lie - especially that amazing Killzone demo; Microsoft was so desperately trying to be cool and hip and came off kinda embarrassing, and I'm still unclear about how the Xbox360 will launch; and Nintendo's press conference was a complete non-event. I'm trying to keep an open mind about this next generation - as an Xbox fan, I'm certainly excited about what I've seen about the Xbox360, but besides "Gears of War" I'm not sure there's any Halo-level killer ap.

6. Tonight begins Subway Series 2005. Yankees are 21-20; Mets are 22-19. The Yankees' 10-game winning streak was awesome, but it was also against shitty teams and the loss that snapped it was ugly and disheartening. I've never been terribly excited about these inter-league series, at least after the first one; my impression has been that the Mets seem to take it a lot more seriously than the Yankees do - if anything, I seem to recall Torre saying something about dreading all the hype about these otherwise meaningless games. The 2005 Yankees are as unpredictable as any I've seen over the last 10 years or so - this series could easily go 3-0 for either team.

7. I can't believe that Monday marks my one-year anniversary with Kath. Yesterday was our "real" anniversary - 5 years ago was our first kiss. That, my friends, is INSANE. I love her so much, it's ridiculous.
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