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Stone free

1. Finally got my CT results from my urologist late yesterday afternoon - no kidney stone. WOOHOO!!!!

2. I'm floating again for the next 2 weeks, but at least I'm still on the same floor, and only at one desk, and the people I'm working for are actually pretty nice. Also, I figured out how to forward my phone, so I'm still reachable.

3. Kath and I geeked out last night and watched specific scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy - i.e., anything that had to do with Darth Vader's paternity issues, Obi-Wan's cryptic comments and/or Yoda. It's pretty obvious that Episode 4 didn't quite have all the back story that the later episodes did (for example, wouldn't Obi-Wan and Yoda recognize R2D2 and vice versa?), and it's kinda sad how, apparently, good Jedi get senile really fast in their old age. Poor Yoda, only 20 years previous to Ep. 5 an ass-kicker of ridiculous proportions, is reduced to clanging R2D2 with a stick. (And meanwhile, Count Dooku and the Emperor are as agile and ferocious as anybody, while clearly being advanced in age - maybe the tradeoff to losing your soul to the Dark Side is to retain your physical agility?)

4. I can't freakin' believe that the release party is NEXT FRIDAY. Where did the time go? Mike is on tour, but the rest of us are rehearsing tomorrow night with amplifiers for the first time since... what, since before we finished the EP. That's sorta ridiculous.

5. The Yankees have now won 14 of 16, but I won't believe that they've actually turned a corner until this weekend's series with Boston. Until they can prove that they can beat a winning team, especially Boston, I'm still hedging my bets. This Wang kid, though, he might be the real deal. I'll be curious to see how he fares against teams the 2nd time around.
congrats on #1. must be a huge relief.

as for #3-- Yoda was pretending to be senile, dude. He was testing Luke. Or were you being sarcastic and I'm stating the obveous?
1. it is indeed. Thanks. Huge weight off the ol' shoulders.

3. Am an I an idiot for actually falling for it, then? Ever since I was 5 years old I was convinced that Yoda was a bit batty, and then simply switched gears.
i think "idiot" might be a bit extreme...

to be honest, though, that was always just my assumption. i'm not sure it's a fact or anything.

Actually, there was supposedly a scene that was cut from Revenge of the Sith (thank god) where, after Yoda hops on Chewie's back, they run into more Stormtroopers, and Yoda acts all sorts of batty and farts a bit to make the troopers think he's not a jedi and maybe some pet of Chewie's. This would have, perhaps, forshadowed his crazy act on Dagobah.

yeah, that's right. Lucas was gonna have Yoda fart.

That right there is a deleted scene on the DVD that DOES NOT need to be included; nor does it need to be included in the inevitable re-tweak for the next-gen DVD product. In fact, I'm just going to remove that image from my brain permanently.
Yeah he was stringing the Lukemeister along. Also, you'll note that Yoda (like the sith) entirely uses the force rather than physical strength to move his body. You'll note that he goes right back to using his walking stick after a fight.

And everybody must get... no kidney stones!
Ok... but Obi-Wan definitely aged reeeeeeally quickly. I mean, he definitely wasn't doing as many sit-ups out beyond the Dune Sea as he should have.
Stone free, and you can do as you please.

Re: 5...funny how 5 starts, none of which could be considered particularly outstanding OR against a particularly good team, and one of which was actually a loss to Tampa, has people thinking he might be the real deal. Do the Sox get to face him this weekend? Man, I hope so.
No you won't see him, he pitched last night. Look, I'm not saying he's a Cy Young candidate - it's just that he's a rookie out of AA (I believe) and has filled in quite nicely in Jared Wright's absence. He's poised and doesn't get rattled easily, which is a lot to ask of a rookie Yankee pitcher. He's not a strike-out artist; he's a ground-ball pitcher (70 grounders/25 fly balls). Most impressively, he hasn't given up the long ball yet. Again, these are all against crappy teams, but he's pitching better than the Unit right now. (I know that's not saying much, but it shows how bad the Yanks' staff is, and to get a guy from the minors to pitch this adequately is HUGE.)

That's why this weekend is so crucial - Boston will be the first truly good team the Yankees have faced since they started coming back from being 11-19.