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Just got the call!!! The landlord likes us and is willing to give us $1550, and we are willing to fork over huge wads of cash. We meet tonight to sign the lease; if we get the keys tonight, we will take pictures which I'll post tomorrow.

And, of course, we'll be having a ginormous housewarming party in August, featuring our new BACK PORCH. Also, we'll be at the Beer Garden EVERY DAY. And eowen gets to visit us on her way to and from the subway. And anyone driving in to NYC will have no problem finding us as we are the first exit off the Triboro bridge. And the adrenaline coursing through my veins has started to mix with the caffeine and I'm starting to get a little loopy.


Next up: saying goodbye to our current landlord. He is a catankerous old man missing several key teeth and thinks my first name is Jeremiah, even though I've been living there for over 5 years and my name is clearly written on each check I send him. His solutions to home repair rarely go beyond duct tape and rubber cement, even when major plumbing issues arise; he once tried to extort a "girlfriend security deposit" of "oh... let's say $300" when I told him Kath was moving in because he was afraid that if we broke up that he'd be screwed, even though I'd already had 6 different roommates before we'd even started dating. Recently, however, he's taken a liking to us and hasn't even arbitrarily raised the rent for several months. I'm sure I'll never get my security deposit back, but since we're breaking the lease early so that we can move into a newer building that probably won't completely collapse the next time it rains, I really don't give a shit. It will be OH so nice to not have to deal with that man any more.
congrats! we're going to move in the area in a month or so...
Check my last post - there's a link to a specific Craigslist search that might be helpful for you guys.
Did you ask the new landlord the important questions like, "Do you fix windows with sheet rock and broomsticks?" or "Do you raise rent during wartime?"
Being that the place just underwent a REALLY nice renovation, I'm not too concerned about the repairs. Also, the rent will be fixed for (at least) the next 5 years.

Poor Roland. However, I feel a lot worse for the people who move into our apartment, as I'm sure he won't be doing ANY renovation beyond the usual wood putty and Elmer's glue. The place is really starting to fall apart.
Believe you me, the first thing that gets hooked up when we get move in is the router.

BTW - there are 2 more co-op maps that will be available for FREE download in the very near future.
You're in Astoria, too? Kick ass! We'll have to have drinks at the Beer Garden.
yay, you!

it must be a good day in landlord land, because we got our place, too :)

and i gotta say, you're rent makes me feel waaaay better about our measly $650 for a whole house. so thanks. consider yourself a pal.