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2 fun things

Man, I love it when Bill Simmons writes about baseball. His new column about George Steinbrenner isn't necessarily funny, but it is an entertaining read.

Also, David Cross is opening up a bar/performance space on Orchard Street (last item in column). Let it be known that I once lived on Houston Street, on top of Yonah Schimmel's Knish Bakery, back in 1996-1998, when the L.E.S. was just starting to emerge as something not scary. The shitty apartment that I lived in, which was up 3 incredibly steep flights of stairs and featured 2 "bedrooms" that didn't even have windows and cost just over $1000/mo. when we signed the lease, is probably going for $1700 at the bare minimum; the neighborhood pretty much exploded with awesomeness right as I moved to Queens. If David Cross' bar is the space that I'm thinking of, I'd have been right around the goddamned corner. In a shitty shoebox apartment, but still. God, I'm old.
I remember Jongre pointing that apartment out on the way home when I visited a few years back and we met up at that bar...
There was a time when people knew what Yonah Schimmel's Knish Bakery was, because it and Katz's Deli were the only 2 places down there. Now there's a zillion places all over the place, and it's sorta lost its charm.
We had good times there, didn't we. Suffocatingly hot times, yes, as well as dirty times, but in general lots of good times.
i was just wondering why i hadn't seen any journal entries from you in FOREVER. glad to see something from you today!




P.S. My initial are L.E.S. and I don't know what your L.E.S. stands for (because I live way out west and it's probably some NYC thing that I don't get)