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Greatest Movie News Ever

Stolen from celinabot, this makes me jittery with excitement.
As revealed exclusively on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in the UK, Ricky Gervais' proposed appearance in the upcoming M:I3 will join his other "thanks but no thanks" appearances in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, the Magnum PI movie and the proposed remake of the Dudley Moore "classic" 10.

His reasons being that he thought the role was getting "too big" for him to handle (refreshing to hear that sort of honesty isn't it?) and that it was "sort of dramatic" and, following his appearance in Alias, he hates doing 'drama' as he isn't very good at it.

Instead Ricky Gervais will... get this for coolness... be taking a role alongside 'The Christopher Guest Players' in Guest's upcoming film For Your Consideration. How brilliant? The man who took the mockumentary made famous by Guest and co and ran with it to new heights of success is starring in what is said to be the master of the sub-genre's last 'mockumentary' feature.

Details of the project are said to be closely guarded but rumour has it, it will involve a documentary crew following an actor and his "entourage" from the point of completing a movie right up to his campaigning to win an Academy Award for said role, despite the fact that it wasn't a worthy performance.
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