full life

pictures of the new place

The outside The outside (we're the top floor)

Bedroom 1 Master bedroom towards closet

Bedroom 2 Master bedroom towards windows

Office & Recording Studio Office & Recording Studio

Living Room Living Room

Dining Room looking into Living Room Dining Room looking into Living Room

Kitchen Kitchen

From the porch From the porch

yee haw! better get crackin' cowboy!

also, excursions is awesome.
Congrats! That looks huge by NYC standards! I like the floors and the nice high ceilings. Score.
Wow! Dream apartment! I envy and congratulate you simultaneously. Score. :)
Had no idea this had happened. Congratulations. Looks amazing! Where is the new place? When do you move?
The new place is in Astoria, and we're aiming to be fully moved in on August 1. Still trying to figure out how to break our current lease (which expires at the end of October) without totally getting screwed.
More to the point, the place is SEVEN MEASLY BLOCKS AWAY FROM US! I am looking forward to popping over unannounced, in curlers and slippers (I never understood the whole "slippers on the street" thing...until now) to borrow sugar. And coffee. And maybe some donuts. Mmmmm.

By the way, the "blue" deli on your corner is the SLOW deli--avoid it in the morning. The Neptune Diner (across Astoria Blvd) is good and they serve cocktails (!!) but keep in mind that the only way to cross the blvd is like Eddie Murphy in 'Bowfinger.' Enjoy the Food Emporium (right behind the Diner) as well as Astoria Park (5 mins walk west.)

I look forward to many more sessions at the Bohemian Beer Garden (I thought WE lived close to it--you guys are CLOSER) before the warm weather leaves.

*Howard Dean-style yawp*
The blue deli is "behind" us, in terms of getting to the subway. And considering that there's a freakin' DUNKIN DONUTS right next to the subway, I can't possibly imagine ever needing the blue deli in the morning anyway. I went in there over the weekend when we were painting and it didn't look well-stocked; the bigger deli by the subway is most likely where I'll be getting stuff.