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Today is going by too slowly. So, here's another iPod meme. Same rules apply. I'd like this one to be a bit more obscure, but my iPod may not comply.

1. Lying, cheating, hurting, that's all you seem to do. Led Zeppelin, "Your Time Is Gonna Come" jimmyether
2. There... smoke turns into serpents in the air. Beware, there's no century anywhere. THE CHURCH, "CITY"
3. I was a good kid, I wouldn't do you no harm. I was a nice kid, with a nice paper route. MORRISSEY, "I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS"
4. Clock in my head, clock on the wall, and the two of them don't agree at all. XTC, "Day In Day Out", jimmyether
5. It's very far way, it takes about a half a day to get there if we travel by my... dragonfly. Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Spanish Castle Magic" jimmyether
6. You said things I wouldn't say straight to my face, boy. Liz Phair, "Mesmerizing" mattstratton
7. Now her paints are dry. JANE'S ADDICTION, "THEN SHE DID..."
8. Whatever you want from me, whatever you want I'll do. Yo La Tengo, "Sugarcube" jimmyether
9. Everyone, everyone around here, everyone is so near. Radiohead, "The National Anthem" mgrasso
10. A mile and a half on the bus takes a long time. BELLE & SEBASTIAN, "THE BOY WITH THE ARAB STRAP"
11. Well I wake up in the morning, there's frogs inside my socks. BOB DYLAN, "ON THE ROAD AGAIN"
12. When I called last night, I wasn't high, no I had not been drinking. Apples In Stereo, "Seems So" jimmyether
13. This is the greatest place on earth; interstated north and south. June of 44, "Of Information & Belief" losinginterest and tiburon_y_oso, nearly simultaneously
14. Take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive. The Smiths, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" mgrasso
15. My bed is made of candy floss, the house is made of cheese. TRAFFIC, "HOUSE FOR EVERYONE"
16. Mine is an act of love, mine is a wish to solve and mine is to sing by your side. BLONDE REDHEAD, "DOLL IS MINE"
17. I take a breath, pull the air until there's nothing left. Postal Service, "Recycled Air" unappropriate
18. The air comes off the ocean, and the city smells fishy. Ani DiFranco, "The Million You Never Made" unappropriate
19. Hopelessly adrift in the eyes of the ghost again. The Cure, "Untitled" samhamm
20. No earthly church has ever blessed our union. Sting, "The Secret Marraige" julias
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