Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

36 more minutes until i'm outta here.

Tonight - must go through recent tapes; label and identify potential songs, transfer to notebook for possible lyric work. This has gotta happen. Drinking/smoking encouraged, as long as it fucking gets done.

If you visit mementoland, you'll find a link to a great Salon article which will give you all the info you need in order to decipher "Memento". It's worth it, folks. Man, I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I am curious as to whether or not there'll be an option to watch the movie in true chronological order (besides just programming it that way).

Brain is crunchy with sleep and disinterest. Why do legal documents have to be so incredibly dumb? That's all I've been working on, today, is editing legal documents involving different stock classifications and such. It reminds me that I will never, ever be in a position to own any of that stuff.

Motivation. Got to mo-ti-vate. Yankee game will have to be background noise tonight; can't focus on it or else all is lost. Must take advantage of time. Gig in one month and four days.

Speaking of the gig, I'm dealing with some guilty feelings about it. See, my friend used to bartend there, and he was accused of stealing from the register, even though that's totally impossible and the girl who actually DID steal from the register somehow got away with it and perhaps still works there. And I was upholding his boycott of that place, except that, without thinking, I booked a gig there through another friend of mine. Ah well. I'm actually looking forward to the gig after this one, which will hopefully be at the Baggot Inn, as it has a much better sound system, plus a guy who's actually working the board.

25 minutes now. Soon it will be time to uninstall IM again, clear out the browser's history again, log out of everything I may have inadvertently logged into, again. Someday I'll have my own computer...

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