Hopefully someday they can keep them sodomites from sodomiting on my front lawn! Pass the chaw.
"And the group's distrust of President Bush -- they believe he's been soft on abortion and homosexuality -- also is out of step with most South Carolina voters, Guth said."

Re: dude
When you're claiming that Bush isn't conservative enough, you are a fucking nutjob.
It talks about offering incentives to employers who hire the emigrants, but, wouldn't that be a violation of equal opportunity employer thing?
Re: Ok, ALSO
Considering that in the 6 months since this whole thing started they've only managed to get 2 families to join up, I'm not so sure that there'd be anything to worry about. Of course, these people ultimately want to secede from the rest of the country, so maybe they've got no problem violating the EOE. Still, though, just... whoa.
First of all, the title of the Christian Exodus page is "Come Out of Her, My People."

Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time.
I'm guessing Massachusetts will be 50th! Guess I have plenty of time to sodomize my abortions.
First of all, the title of the Christian Exodus page is "Come Out of Her, My People."

Totally. I happened upon this site well before jervo posted it... when I was doing my daily Google search for sodomite pr0n.
nearly speechless...
but obviously not entirely.

I can only say this: I AM SO GLAD I LEFT SOUTH CAROLINA. Goodbye, you fucknut state - I hope they DO secede. Who wants 'em? FREAKS!

Come out of her, alright. Just whatever you do, don't come IN her - there are too damn many of you wackos already!!