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1.  I downloaded Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" the other day but didn't get a chance to hear the whole thing until this morning; it's fantastic.  "Michigan" sank its hooks in me somewhat subconsciously; I liked it when I first listened to it but I didn't love it until I realized that I had a lot of it stuck in my head.  "Seven Swans" never really did anything for me - religious subject matter aside, I just didn't find the music as interesting.  "Illinois" is a return to the Michigan form, I guess, but it's a lot more adventerous.  I plan on spinning it a lot.

2.  In anticipation of next week's release of Harry Potter 6, I finished re-reading Harry Potter 5 yesterday, and got sucked in just as easily as I did the first time.  Fred & George's triumphant farewell speech still ranks as my favorite moment from the entire series.  The big question now is: who gets to read 6 first, me or Kath?  I say me, since I'm the one who ordered it and I'll probably end up finishing it in one day.

3.  I've been reading about this whole Karl Rove / Valerie Plame thing over the last few weeks, and I've sorta reached that point where I just can't read about it anymore without wanting to hit something.  The Republican party has mastered the art of attack but hasn't really had to act defensively in several years, and their desperate spinning over the last 48 hours is just pathetic.  If you want to get up to speed, I highly recommend dailykos, one of the best-written and best-informed lefty blogs out there.  Then, just for shits and giggles, go to's opinion page and watch them ooze with bile as they desperately lash out at liberals. (When you think about it, should FoxNews even have a seperate opinion page?   Isn't their main page opinionated enough?)

4.  I want this game, and I want it now. 

5.  Good Evening is in the midst of planning a publicity/press blitz, but we're also working on new material; I'm also trying to get us to cover Genesis' "The Carpet Crawlers", which I think we'd do a pretty awesome job with; I'd also love to do "I Know What I Like" but I think "Carpet Crawlers" fits the GE sound a bit better. 

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