1. From ...and while the Coen brothers have yet to participate in a DVD release of their films that lives up to their quirky aesthetic levels, The Big Lebowski's special edition that arrives on 18 October still looks fun. No specifics have been announced, but there is a $19.95 and a $49.95 edition available. Looks like anybody who truly likes White Russians is going to have to splurge on the big one - it'll really tie the room together.

2. From somewhere else: has jumped the gun and posted release information for Arrested Development season 2; Fox hasn't announced the title yet. This 3 disc set will include all 18 episodes for $39.95, but DVDPlanet has it listed for $27.97. More information will come when Fox officially announces the title. DVDPlanet lists it for release on October 11.
I have already bequeathed my original copy of Lebowski to a homie in anticipation of the Deluxe Mega Super Happy edition.

PS - When I first read your post, I shriekd out loud like an excited four year old getting three cookies instead of two.