Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

A quick one while he's away

1. The 17-1 drubbing aside, which - let's be honest - came at the expense of AA pitching, I'm very pleased with the way my boys played in Fenway this weekend. While the Ortiz/Ramirez combo is as frightening as ever, I can only imagine how the Sheffield/Rodriguez combo must've looked from the Fenway seats; Sheffield in particular was an absolute monster. That man absolutely murderizes any pitch that he makes contact with. And I've also gotta give it up for Al Leiter, a guy who I've always liked, even when he was a Met - he seemed to relish being in such a tight spot, unlike many other pitchers who've wilted in the NY glare. He was huge and if we could get 6 more wins out of him over the rest of the season, that'd be a huge shot in the arm.

2. My copy of Harry Potter 6 was waiting for me in my inbox this morning. Don't say anything! I'll finish it by mid-week and then we'll talk.

3. What else, what else... I've been really into the French Kicks, "Trial of the Century" and Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" of late - I'm especially liking "Jacksonville", which is actually - dare I say - groovy, and not in a wierd time signature!

4. I've been obsessed with Pirates!, which is sorta like The Sims except without all the hurried trips to the bathroom (you can read my review over there as well); Kath and I were watching a little bit of the British Open on Saturday morning and we ended up playing some golf ourselves.

5. Good Evening has now started actively pursuing mags and websites to review our EP; David assembled a gigantic database and we broke the list in half over the weekend so we could both start working on it. Had this happened last week, I'd be done with it already; of course, now that I've been given an absurdly large data entry project here (and I do mean absurd), my free time has been reduced dramatically. Hence, posting here will probably be light over the next few days.
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