my God I love that song. That album is also host to "Theresa's Sound-World" and "Wish Fulfillment," two other SY favorites of mine.
I don't know why "Dirty" gets such a bad rap - at least among SY-loving friends of mine. I think that album is fantastic.
Sugar Kane came on randomly at The Raven on Thursday afternoon and we had a five minute conversation about how great it was and how Dirty is yet to be fully appreciated-even with the reissued double CD from last year.

As an avowed Sonic Youth fan dirty is the album where they try to take back some of the shine they created on Goo, the album that lost me was Experimental. Jet Set, Star and No Trash... then for them to pick it all up again with Washing Machine.
Washing Machine might be my favorite SY album. At the very least, it's the album where I finally understood what Sonic Youth was going; until then I mistakenly wrote them off as a band who just made noise and didn't get the whole texture aspect.