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"That shit will rob you of your ambitions." "Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV."

Taking a lil' break before delving into today's data entry insanity...

1. We move on Saturday, and this week is going by incredibly slowly. We're both ridiculously excited about the new place, and consequently we're both frustrated that we aren't already there yet. The Salvation Army is coming by on Friday to pick up our couch and my old desk. Our new couch is already there; our new computer arrives either Monday or Tuesday; our new DVD/bookshelves arrive next weekend. And then, the housewarming BBQ / poker marathon ensues! And then, eventually, the puppy!

2. Oh yeah, we're getting a new computer. Kath's computer is very, very old; my computer isn't that old, but it's low on hard drive space and I eventually want to get some rudimentary ProTools thing happening. (Plus I want to play World of Warcraft.) We bought an external hard drive on Monday and we've been duplicating our computers ever since. I finally found the little trick that allows you to move stuff from your iPod to a hard drive, which is KEY - because I had very little hard drive space to spare on my old PC, I had deleted most of my library once I'd ripped it; I'm going to trade in my old iPod for a new one soon, though, and I didn't want to have to re-rip 26 gigs' worth of music if I didn't have to. We're also going wireless, too, which will be awesome. Already got my Xbox wireless adaptor... I'm ready to rock.

3. Speaking of rocking, I'm drinking a Tropicana Orange Coolata from the Dunkin' Donuts around the corner from my office - it's pretty dang tasty. I don't know what's in it that makes it different from regular OJ, but it's hitting the spot.

4. Jackie Brown was on last night. I remember seeing it in the theater when it opened, and kinda hating it (although that was also because we were in the first row of an incredibly small theater, and we were all very uncomfortable after 20 minutes or so). I think I kinda hated it because I saw Pulp Fiction approximately 47 times the previous summer with wienerschnitzel and consequently my expectations were a bit skewed - it seemed like the sole purpose of the movie was QT trying to catch lightning in a bottle and do for Pam Grier's career what he did for John Travolta. Had I not been so narrow-minded (and stiff-necked), I might have had a better time with it - I certainly did last night. Robert Forster's performance is fantastic. And does it get better than Robert DeNiro pulling bong hits with a scantily clad Bridget Fonda? Or Samuel Jackson's scene with Chris Tucker? I totally forgot that Michael Keaton was in it, too.

5. mgrasso has a very difficult lyrics meme going today.

Finally, I leave you with some choice OINY quotes this morning.

Woman on cell: He can't hear you when you hate me...You hate me? Then he can't hear you! He can't hear you! He can't hear you! Jehovah can't hear you when you hate me!

--42nd between 10th & 11th

Woman: You know, they tell those suicide bombers they'll get 99 virgins when you get to heaven. 99 virgins! But if you blow yourself up in Brooklyn, you only get 50. Half off for Brooklyn.

--CVS, Harlem

Puerto Rican guy: Jesus loves you. I love you. I know you don't want to listen to me. I know about your bunny rabbit... Will you be one of the 144,000 chosen?...On July 30th we will all come together. I will wear a kippa. But you know you have to accept the savior...There are 632,000 lords...I will stop talking to you now. The Flintstones told me not to.

--4 train
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