Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
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1.'s lead headline right now is about the Miami Heat resigning Shaquille O'Neal for a gigantic amount of money. That's not why I bring this up - I bring it up because the headline is "Expensive Shaq", which makes me wonder if anybody over there is familiar with Fela Kuti.

2. Speaking of sports, how 'bout Raffy on the juice? Eh, I've got nuthin'. That's the thing about Raffy - he might have 3000+ hits and 500+ home runs, but the only reason why his career sticks out in my mind is that he robbed Tino Martinez of a gold glove at 1B when he only played 14 games there (in either 1998 or 1999). I've been a baseball fan my whole life but I didn't really get hard-core into it until 1995-1996, and in that whole time his career has, to me, been pretty unspecatular.

3. And speaking of baseball, Peter Gammons' HOF induction speech is a pretty nice read.

4. Speaking of real life, now, I can't believe how cut-off I'd felt over the last few days; it feels like I was away from the world for a month, what with not having internet/cable since Friday. I am a slave to technology, yes, but I didn't realize how badly.

5. Speaking of missing things, I miss my apartment. Work isn't quite doing it for me today.
Tags: apartment, baseball

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