Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

More with the tangents

1. It's been a Sonic Youth morning - I commuted with "Dirty" and just finished "Sonic Nurse". I iTunes-ed "Sonic Nurse" when it came out last year and somehow never made it the whole way through until just now; it's pretty good, although in this Jim O'Rourke era I think I prefer "Murray Street" a bit more. My iPod is shuffling albums now and I just got Cornelius, "Point". I might actually get some work done today!

2. And speaking of iPods, I finished transferring my iPod's contents onto the new computer. Problem is, I'm short 45 songs and I have no idea which ones they are - and considering my iPod has 5638 songs on it, I'm not about to go song-by-song and compare. I suspect that the iPod might have some duplicated songs on it, although I can't believe I'd have been that careless as to have 45 songs on there twice.

3. Tonight, Good Evening attends Indie Night School, a symposium held at Piano's wherein we learn about the music reviewing process. Some impressive people on the panel, as well - Gothamist, Ultragrrrl, The Modern Age, someone from Time Out and someone else from EW. We're bringin' lots o' EPs and we'll hopefully know what to do with them after tonight. The next round of INS is about management and features the manager of Blonde Redhead; I'm not sure that we need to worry about that just yet, but still it's nice to know that there's actually stuff like this that we have access to. With Mike being on tour, it's up to David and I to keep up the momentum, and now that the apartment situation has been resolved I feel like I can finally get my head back into the game.

4 and 5 to come, eventually.
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