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new DCfC leaked!

Stereogum has a link to the not-yet-released Death Cab for Cutie album here.

I'm about 3 songs in... I like it. Their major-label money was spent wisely.

EDIT: I'm nearly finished. It's OK... it's certainly no "We Have The Facts...", but it's certainly not deserving of some of the bile it's been getting in the hipster blogosphere. I'll probably end up iTunes-ing it, but it's not a must-have-as-soon-as-its-released sort of album. "Marching Bands of Manhattan" and the second half of "Different Names For The Same Thing" are my 2 faves right now, although I haven't as yet heard the last 2.

EDIT: I like the 2nd half of "What Sarah Said", too - that's the DCfC that I know and love, those repeating phrases with interweaving guitars and vocals...

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I just found my LJ entry where I first discovered them, courtesy of wienerschnitzel's previous LJ persona. Still haven't listened to Red Stars Theory, either.
Thanks man! Of course, I don't have headphone with me today :P

Maybe I'll scrub around for the MP3s.
I found this a coupla weeks ago... I like it just about as much as the other DCFC releases, which is not quite enough to buy it. But it's going to be huge, I'm sure, I bet it will be a top five debut in Billboard.
...wow, extra old entryburg...

RST stands as one of the all-time "whatever the hell happened to these guys?" bands in my rekkid collection.

I distinctly remember you being somewhat disappointed that I completely igorned RST in favor of DCfC.

In other news, Deconstruction's "Iris" just appeared on my iPod.
Deconstruction dropped in 1993, I believe. I think that's the last thing he did that didn't totally suck. And to think that this guy was one of my guitar heroes...