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LJ just ate my entry.  GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

1.  Since we settled in to the new apartment, I've made a concerted effort to aggressively pay off my rather sizable credit card debt; I've been automatically paying $100 every week.  This morning I checked my credit card account, just to make sure I had enough room for the hotel we're staying in this weekend... turns out my credit line EXPLODED.  Normally when I get an increase, it's just a few hundred dollars, and that's only once every 8-12 months.  This morning, though, they essentially doubled my current line... which is both fantastic and terrible news.  I mean, it pretty much guarantees that I'll be picking this up today, for the plane ride.  (And it also means that I'll definitely be getting this sooner rather than later, and maybe even something like this.  See?  I'm in trouble already.)

2.   I knew that I needed some new music for the plane... so I downloaded the New Pornographers "Twin Cities", which is amazing, and Elliot Smith's "Either/Or", which I apparently lost some time ago.  The New Pornographers album is fan-fucking-tastic.  I'm not familiar with their earlier albums, but I really liked A.C. Newman's "Slow Wonder", and this new album sounds a bit like that but with some balls. 

3.  I did my xray thing yesterday; drank a whole crapload of that barium stuff, which at first didn't taste that bad (mostly because I had to fast and was thus incredibly thirsty and grateful to drink anything) but ended up doing a number on my stomach for the rest of the day.  Ironic, since my stomach was the subject of yesterday's tests.  Actually, it's kinda good; too often I go to the doctor with stomach problems and when I get there my stomach feels absolutely fine.  I'm glad that they could at least see the damned thing in action.

4.  We have a very early flight tomorrow morning for my cousin's wedding, out in Provo - the most conservative city in the country.  Awesome!  Neither my cousin nor his wife-to-be are in any way conservative - I believe she's an ex-Mormon, though, which is why the wedding's in Utah as opposed to Los Angeles, where they live.  Whatever.  I'm doing fine, anxiety-wise, which is amazing considering how many horrific plane accidents have happened over the last 3 weeks or so.  It'll be nice seeing the extended family again; haven't seen them in about a year.

5.  I saw this on some blog, somewhere... iPod wars.  Instead of playing the "guess the lyrics" game, it's up to you to submit the first 10 shuffled songs on your iPod, and then we get to vote on who has the cooler list.  It's incredibly snobby and elitist, and I would definitely lose as my iPod still can't seem to shake its fixation on Steely Dan, Traffic and Jethro Tull.  However, I don't think I'll be getting that much work done today, so if you want to play along, leave a comment and we'll set this bitch up.

The New Pornographers are getting a lot of mainstream press for this album. After I get the new Frank Black, I'll need to check that one out too.

Voting on the cooler list? LAME.
It is lame, and snobby and elitist, but we can obviously adjust the "coolness" criteria to make it a little more palatable. Or, make arbitrary rules... like, highest consonant/vowel ratio, or widest time-line of selections, etc. It's SOMETHING TO DO, fercrissakes.
Oh, I have no problem with other sorts of iPod contests... but "cooler music"? Could there be a more inherently argument-prone discussion? :)

Except for ABBA of course. Everyone hates ABBA.
1. Take it from someone who's been there, DO NOT START BUYING MORE CRAZY SHIT UNTIL YOU PAID OFF YOUR CREDIT DEBT. Unless you want to rent for the rest of your life.
2. The New Pornographers? That's so yesterday afternoon. I mean, Pitchfork already reviewed it; that's like having your new shoes show up in the NY Times fashion pages these days.
4. Provo, Spain?

1. I'm certainly not getting an HDTV any time soon - I'm aiming at eliminating half of my current debt by the end of the year, and completely eradicating it by next summer.

2. Be that as it may, it fucking rocks. For what it's worth, Stereogum's been talking about it for months, which is where it caught my eye originally.

4. Provo, your mother's ass.
2. I was just being sarcastic. I just love how sites like indiecentric sites like stereogum et al seem to be in a race to absorb albums before the next guy (ie DC4C was on and is already off stereogum's listening lately sidebar, yet the album hasn't even been released yet). I actually do want to check out the New Porno's album very much.
BTW - I finally officially RSVPd for the partay, and I just wanted to say that your fiancee's mom is one of the nicest people on the entire planet.
OK, I'll hang my junk out for approval/ridicule in the iPod game.

1. "Color and Light" from the Sondheim musical "Sunday in the Park With George", performed by Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin
2. "I Almost Had A Weakness", Elvis Costello
3. "Dogs of Lust", The The
4. "He Liked To Feel It", Crash Test Dummies
5. "La Grange", ZZ Top
6. "Boogie Chillun", John Lee Hooker (out of more than 8000 songs, how crazy that this came up after "La Grange"!)
7. "Rehumanize Yourself", The Police
8. "A Fifth Of Beethoven", Walter Murphy from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack
9. "Tempted", Squeeze
10. "The West County", Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Now, that's a very interesting list of 10. Diverse styles, inclusions of Police and Elvis... I am a closet CTD fan... Bela Fleck is awesome.. the ZZTop/John Lee Hooker combo is bonus-worthy, too.

Here's my 10 for 11:01am...

1. "Clap Your Hands", Tribe Called Quest
2. "Last Call", Outkast
3. "Geek U.S.A.", Smashing Pumpkins
4. "Maggot Brain", Funkadelic
5. "Easy", Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. "Type Slowly", Pavement
7. "Two States (Live)", Pavement
8. "Funky Monks", Red hot Chili Peppers
9. "You Got Me Floatin'", Jimi Hendrix Experience
10. "Lunch With Frankenstein", David Cross

See, that list has some highlights - one of my favorite Pavement songs, for one - but it also has 2 shitty Chili Peppers songs, and the David Cross bit is an intro track, and what have you. I would submit that you win, here.
Yeah, me too. Remember, though, I'm working off a one-gig Shuffle.

"The Ugly Truth," Matthew Sweet
"Red Right Ankle," The Decemberists
"Innocente," Delerium
"Kamera (demo version)," Wilco
"Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone," Neutral Milk Hotel
"Hold Her Down (live)," Toad the Wet Sprocket
"Cinder And Smoke," Iron & Wine
"Polaris," Jimmy Eat World
"I Will," Radiohead
"I Don't Remember," Peter Gabriel
I'll go up against that, too. My list as of 11:05:

1. "Coffee & TV", Blur
2. "All Is Full Of Love", Bjork
3. "The Dangling Conversation", Simon & Garfunkel
4. "Saved By The Buoyancy of Citrus", Mitch Hedberg
5. "Fire In The Hole", Deconstruction
6. "Spirits In the Material World", The POlice
7. "The Tallest Man...", Sufjan Stevens
8. "Young Pilgrims", The Shins
9. "Soma", The Strokes
10. "NObody's Fault But Mine", Led Zeppelin

Dang, that's a good one.
That IS a good one! I haven't heard "Spirits in the Material World" in ages. And "Coffee & TV" rocks my world. Mainly because every time I hear it I think of the video with the lost milk carton. :D
I've been there on the drinking barium thing. For mine they added this terrible fruit flavor that really made me gag. For me they didn't find much, but said I probably have a small hietal hernia.
I wouldn't have pegged you for a DS guy.

Really can't stop listening to the new New Pornographers. Had never heard anything by them before downloading "Use It" from the Matador site on Tuesday, and goddamn.

The only time I've ever been to Utah was a connection on a flight to San Diego; we landed late, and I got off the plane four minutes before my next one was going to take off. I sprinted something like 2/5 of a mile while they called me over the intercom, and I ended up just making it.

Also, here's my last ten songs on iTunes shuffle:
Dismemberment Plan, "Gyroscope"
Outkast, "The Way You Move"
Shiner, "Fetch a Switch (live)"
Robert Pollard, "Other Dogs Remain"
Soundgarden, "She Likes Surprises"
Elliott Smith, "I Didn't Understand (piano demo)"
System of a Down, "BYOB"
Radiohead, "Morning Bell/Amnesiac"
We vs. the Shark, "Slide"
Ben Folds Five, "Alice Childress"
I'm not a DS guy, at all; I would've gotten a PSP already if not for the ridiculous price of the bundles and the numerous reports of dead pixels (and there haven't been any killer games since it launched). However, Nintendogs looks too fucking awesome, and since we don't yet actually own a real dog...
Who's a sucker for music games? This guy. Right here.

1. Pearl Jam - "Fatal"
2. Wu-Tang Clan - "Hellz Wind Staff (Feat. Street Life)"
3. Aerosmith - "Livin' On The Edge"
4. Modest Mouse - "I Came As A Rat"
5. Elliott Smith - "L.A."
6. Paloalto - "Fade Out/In"
7. The Rolling Stones - "Ruby Tuesday"
8. The Beta Band - "She's The One"
9. Gorillaz - "Dare"
10. John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth
Re: ooh. I'll play
Babe the Blue Ox... oh yes. I gotta get me those albums... I don't think iTunes has 'em.
An iPod contest? Yes please!

1. Air, "Kelly Watch the Stars"
2. Radiohead, "Like Spinning Plates"
3. The Beatles, "When I'm Sixty-Four"
4. Live, "Good Pain"
5. Queen (Brian May), "Driven by You"
6. Future Sound of London, "Lifeforms [Path 3]"
7. The Smiths, "William, It Really Was Nothing"
8. Tori Amos & Marcel van Limbeek, "Mother Revolution"
9. Robert Shaw Singers, "Magnificat"
10. Blur, "Strange News from Another Star"