ipod war

iPod War #1

And so it begins. I'm abstaining from entering this time around. Who had the coolest iPod shuffle this afternoon? And by "coolest", I have absolutely no criteria to provide. Don't vote for your own! Gimme feedback as to how to make this actually cool and not just a snobby elitist exercise!

1. "Color and Light" from the Sondheim musical "Sunday in the Park With George", performed by Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin
2. "I Almost Had A Weakness", Elvis Costello
3. "Dogs of Lust", The The
4. "He Liked To Feel It", Crash Test Dummies
5. "La Grange", ZZ Top
6. "Boogie Chillun", John Lee Hooker (out of more than 8000 songs, how crazy that this came up after "La Grange"!)
7. "Rehumanize Yourself", The Police
8. "A Fifth Of Beethoven", Walter Murphy from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack
9. "Tempted", Squeeze
10. "The West County", Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

"The Ugly Truth," Matthew Sweet
"Red Right Ankle," The Decemberists
"Innocente," Delerium
"Kamera (demo version)," Wilco
"Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone," Neutral Milk Hotel
"Hold Her Down (live)," Toad the Wet Sprocket
"Cinder And Smoke," Iron & Wine
"Polaris," Jimmy Eat World
"I Will," Radiohead
"I Don't Remember," Peter Gabriel

Dismemberment Plan, "Gyroscope"
Outkast, "The Way You Move"
Shiner, "Fetch a Switch (live)"
Robert Pollard, "Other Dogs Remain"
Soundgarden, "She Likes Surprises"
Elliott Smith, "I Didn't Understand (piano demo)"
System of a Down, "BYOB"
Radiohead, "Morning Bell/Amnesiac"
We vs. the Shark, "Slide"
Ben Folds Five, "Alice Childress"

1. Pearl Jam - "Fatal"
2. Wu-Tang Clan - "Hellz Wind Staff (Feat. Street Life)"
3. Aerosmith - "Livin' On The Edge"
4. Modest Mouse - "I Came As A Rat"
5. Elliott Smith - "L.A."
6. Paloalto - "Fade Out/In"
7. The Rolling Stones - "Ruby Tuesday"
8. The Beta Band - "She's The One"
9. Gorillaz - "Dare"
10. John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth

God Only Knows - Beach Boys
3000 - Dr. Octogon
She Lives in My Lap - Andre 3000
The Name is Slick - Phish
Only You - Portishead
Charmpit - Vida Blue
Family Picnic - Babe the Blue Ox
What's Beef - Notorious B.I.G.
New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
Tanto Tempo - Bebel Gilberto

1. Air, "Kelly Watch the Stars"
2. Radiohead, "Like Spinning Plates"
3. The Beatles, "When I'm Sixty-Four"
4. Live, "Good Pain"
5. Queen (Brian May), "Driven by You"
6. Future Sound of London, "Lifeforms [Path 3]"
7. The Smiths, "William, It Really Was Nothing"
8. Tori Amos & Marcel van Limbeek, "Mother Revolution"
9. Robert Shaw Singers, "Magnificat"
10. Blur, "Strange News from Another Star"

Poll #559011 iPod War #1

Who wins?

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Dang, they are ALL cool! How can I choose! Each one gets bonus points for different things. They are all great for different reasons!
I agree, this is all totally insane. I picked the one I went with just because I heard the songs going together well in my head, but I could've picked any and all of them.
I had to pick his too, if only for the fact that it leads off with the greatest pop song of all time.

(And Biggie's in there too)
I feel like I shouldn't vote, because of course I'd vote for my husband. Just for the record, anything that isn't cool on his list is probably my fault.
Because I am bored and a loser, I actually put a lot of effort into answering this poll, complete with systematic scoring.

The results were:

samhamm in last place with 10 points.
jongre the fourth runner up with 13 points.
easterkat the third runner up with 18 points. (I hate Live so much I had to deduct 5 points, but otherwise this is an awesome one.)
mgrasso the second runner up with 21 points.
losinginterest the first runner up with 22 points. (So close!)
and the winner, vicstarsky, with 24 points!

Math don't lie :p
Poll results make it clear that as I enter my late 30s, whatever cool I once had is rapidly slipping away. Oh well. Fogeydom, here I come. See you at the Celine Dion concert!
You're a freakin' PhD, man... who says you need to be hip? For what it's worth, I liked your list. We'll do another one of these when I get back, and hopefully you'll remember to set your iPod from "fogey" to "shuffle".
Your car-driving suburban lifestyle would be snobby and elitist too, I guess, except it's probably BO-RING. Biotech!
It's neither snobby nor boring! We just had a teacher arrested for sleeping with her underage high school students, a Dog Day Afternoon bank holdup, and there's a serial arsonist(s) on the loose! And there's a new Quizno's opening down the street!

Have summa dat! Borscht!