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1. Congratulations are in order to losinginterest, winner of iPod war #1. I'm glad that the end results weren't as lopsided as I'd feared before I left; everybody got at least 3 votes. I'll do another one later this week, I guess, and I'll determine some criteria that will hopefully make it less... what's the word... stupid.

2. So, yeah, Provo. The wedding was great (although it was dry) and it was awesome seeing all my cousins again. My cousins are all amazing and fun people to be around, and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. Provo itself is pretty beautiful, nestled between mountains, although the Mormon-ness of it makes it a bit creepy. On Saturday we went down to Sundance and took a very nerve-racking ski-lift ride up to the top of one of the nearby mountains - it looks like amazing ski country, although I'm not sure I'd be able to make the ride up again. I'm glad to say that I've become quite comfortable w/r/t airplanes, but the ski-lift thing was just a bit too much. We took a lot of photos with our digital camera, but we haven't uploaded them yet; in the meantime,

3. I tried reading a bit more of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" but I just can't do it anymore. There are some authors who use their love of language and words to create unforgettable images and moods (see "Fortress of Solitude"), and then there's people like Dave Eggers and recent-period DFW and now this Foer kid who ARE SO INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT and are incredibly manipulative with language and they create this impression of showing off; there's no honesty or sincerity behind the flashiness or gimmickry. I'll also admit that I'm probably repressing a lot of 9/11-related angst, which doesn't help w/r/t ELaIC's subject matter, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't like people waving their literary abilities in my face, like some flashy toy. My disappointment with Fortress of Solitude was in the artifical plot getting in the way of the natural story progression; my distaste with ELaIC is how incredibly artificial EVERYTHING is, which makes the otherwise interesting storyline much less palatable. (In re-reading this paragraph, I again realize that I'm not a good enough writer to fully articulate what I'm trying to get at. Oh well. Hopefully you'll fill in the blanks.)

4. Still in love with that New Pornographers record; it's neck-and-neck with Illinois as my record of the year. So much goodness; it reminds me of what the Shins could sound like if they grew some balls, but so much better.

5. This week... I have no idea what's going on for this week. Hopefully Good Evening will get some more songwriting sessions in, and also we've got to finish our press kits. Which reminds me... stacyinthecity, I need to ask you something.
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Yeah, I don't know what the hell happened there; it was a bum tag at the end, and yet it screwed up EVERYTHING. Should be fixed now.
mega-dittos, <lj user=jervo>
As you probably read, I thoroughly enjoyed Fortress of Solitude. Also, I really can't stop listening to Twin Cinema. Just take it as read if you express an opinion on some form of art, I like it too.
Re: mega-dittos, <lj user=jervo>
Awwwww yeah. Glad you enjoyed 'em. FoS fell a little flat for me at the end, as I wrote earlier, but the rest of it was breathtaking.
Re: mega-dittos, <lj user=jervo>
Yeah, the ending seemed tacked on, but it was an interesting read. Did it seem DeLillo-esque to you, the whole novel, I mean?
Re: mega-dittos, <lj user=jervo>
A bit, yeah... I see what you mean about "Underworld"; this was similar, albeit in a much more intimate setting.
Apparently gmail is down, which is where I have your e-mail. So I'll ask here... not knowing when Fufkin is going to publish it, I wanted to know if it was possible for us to get the text of your review (positive/negative, whatever), just so that we can get something official on our press kit. If you feel wierd about us having it before it's officially published, that's totally cool; we just wanted to get the ball rolling. E-mail me at jervo210 at yahoo for the time being. You rock!
hehe! :) Cool, no problem. I can probably get that to you tomorrow, is that cool? If I forget, please feel free to remind me!
I've been reading Everything is Illuminated intermittently for nearly a year now, and I can't read more than 5 pages at a time. I just can't get into it.
I think I liked Everything is Illuminated, but I don't think I'd ever read it again. I'm curious to see the movie, though.
I must have missed some of your earlier posts, but did you ever explain how you determined your contestants for the iPod wars, etc, etc...I need details, man.
I didn't determine anything, per se; I mentioned something about starting it up here, and people spontaneously submitted their lists. And the whole point of the war wasn't to make any sort of judgement about people's tastes or anything like that - it was simply the random choice of songs that one's iPod could create. I've got a lot of great music on my iPod, but it's also prone to creating horrific shuffling sequences, where I end up hitting fast forward all the time.