I love it! What a word!

Um, I could try to translate, but it would take me forever.
Re: newyorchese!
These web translator things - it's cool that they exist, but they really don't quite work as well as they could. Maybe I'm asking too much of an automated process that occurs for free simply because I ask it to, but, dammit, Italian people are calling us Newyorchese and I need to know if I need to take Lactaid or not.
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It's so cheating, for them to take "New York" and add "ese" to make a word in Italian. :)
I can read and comprehend Italian, but it takes a while for me to translate and write it up. Gimme a little bit.
The first paragraph is about your downloading policy and how it's tough for a new band to get noticed.

The next bit says that there are some waves of sound like Interpol (which is requisite for any new band of the third millennium), but that most of your influence comes from across the Atlantic, with Radiohead: above all, the unusual harmonic constructions, the fascinating and irregular voice, and the cosmic pulse of the sound.

But at the core your band still sounds like rock, with an epic feel like the band Backbone, and a mood that is more aggressive than the band Go On, and the "physiological moment" balland of the band The Spark I Was. And of course, Coldplay.

Five songs highly recommended, now waiting for the LP.
That's nice. I hope they meant the songs Backbone and Go On, as opposed to the bands.

Newyorchese, indeed!
First paragraph:
The CDs are available for purchase at the store, the digital versions of the song are available free on the Internet. This experiment is conducted by Good Evening (photo above) with the I Saw the Sun Explode EP, published in July and liberally available on the group's official site. A courageous choice, one from this New York band, that seems to want to re-enter this second [altenae] current of thought--especially for an energing group--that its main enemy is not piracy but obscurity. And in order to fight obscurity, it can also better allow the download and the dispersion of their proprietary works.
Second paragraph:
In the case of Good Evening, among others, one also deals with works that aren't bad. In these works, it is even possible to find a "peel" of Interpol (an obligatory reference, however, for any third-millennium New york band), but whose main infuence comes from the other side of the Atlantic, in particular from Oxford, home of Radiohead. [Evidence of the influence of] Thom Yorke and his associates in the I Saw the Sun Explode EP is found in the unusual harmonic constructions (above all those of Kid A,/i> and Hail to the Thief), the fascinating and irregular voice, the cosmic prize (?) of the sounds.
Re: Second paragraph:
Thank you so much for kicking ass with this. Did you ever get a CD? Do you want one? I'll send you one right now.

If you ever need a Norwegian translator, let me know...
Third paragraph:
All in a context that strongly remains in rock, oscillating between the epic growth of "Backbone," the more aggressive mood of "Go On" and the physiological moment (?) ballad of "The Spark I Was" (with evident "wink of the ear" in the direction of Coldplay). Five highly recommended songs, worth the test of the long distance.