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1. Major stomach issues this week; they were bad enough yesterday to prevent me from going to work; missing band rehearsal was not an option, however, and thus the trek to rehearsal was fraught with peril and anxiety. Rehearsal itself didn't go too well either, but that's another story.

2. My stepfather is recovering from an angioplasty this morning; just got off the phone with him and he sounds totally fine, which is great news.

3. I see that mgrasso requested an iPod war yesterday; sorry I was unavailable. How's today sound? Same rules as before apply, whatever they were. Only requirement - please use the following format for your entries, just so that they read easier:

#. Band Name, "Song Title", Album Title

Also, feel free to point out with a * any song you personally approve of, and a @ for any song you don't.
1. Sleater-Kinney, "Light Rail Coyote", One Beat *
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, "Is This Love?", Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @
3. Fela Kuit, "Water No Get Enemy", The Best Best of Fela Kuti
4. The Beach Boys, "You Still Believe In Me", Pet Sounds *
5. Iron & Wine, "Freedom Hangs Like Heaven", Woman King EP *
6. Aesop Rock, "9-5ers Anthem", Labor Days
7. Stereolab, "Analogue Rock", Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements
8. Belle & Sebastian, "Mayfly", If You're Feeling Sinister
9. DJ Shadow, "Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain", Endrotrucing... *
10. Stephen Malkmus, "Deado", "Stephen Malkmus
No, I don't - I got all my tests back the other day, and everything came back negative. Which is great, but also doesn't necessarily tell me what I *do* have. It's pretty obvious at this point that it's IBS, but that's not necessarily something that can be fixed with a pill.
I may have missed something, but I don't understand the rules of the iPod war. Care to explain them or link me to an explanation or whatever?
You can trace the evolution through my "ipod war" tag; there aren't any "real" rules, just vote for the shuffles you personally would enjoy.