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That's the SWEAT of the Blues Explosion

1. Voting continues for iPod War #3; I'll probably close the voting at, say, 4pm EST. Currently we have a 3-way tie for first, but anybody could take it at this point. Teh drama!

2. Nothing beats free newspapers; I like doing crossword puzzles during my commutes, and not having to pay for the privilege is awfully nice. Today's Metro, my free mag of choice, features a new puzzle today - the "sudoku" puzzle, which is a logic-puzzle number grid. I think I've seen them before, but until today I'd never actually done one - I'm totally hooked.

3. Ordinarily I'd admit to being nervous about this weekend's Yankees/Sox series, but instead I must admit that I don't really expect very much from the Yankees this weekend - I'd be happy if we came out with a win. Maybe Tampa Bay just has our number this year; we didn't look this inept last week.

4. Our wireless router at home is acting cranky, which in turn makes ME cranky.

5. Anyone know any good jokes?
one you have to see done in person
(holding up two fingers)

"why do most women masturbate with these two fingers?"

"because they're mine."
My favorite joke
Q: How many people with ADD does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Let's go ride bikes!
Here's one of my favorites, modified to be about YOUR team.

It's the first day of kindergarten in a small town in Pennsylvania. The teacher sits all the kids down, and asks them one at a time who their favorite sports team is. The children answer "The Steelers" , "The Pirates", or "The Phillies" until they get to a young girl named Amy.

Amy says "My favorite team is the Mets."

"Why the Mets?" asks the teacher.

"Because my mommy is a Mets fan, and my daddy is a Mets fan," she replies.

"Well," the teacher explains, "you have to think for yourself. You shouldn't be something just because your parents are. I mean, if your daddy was a criminal and your mommy was a whore, what would that make you?"

Amy thinks, and replies "A Yankees fan, probably."
I'm on the West Coast and, how to put it nicely...lazy. 4:00 Eastern is too early. I'm barely out of bed. And there's golf on ESPN, not witty sports banter, so even less motivation to get up. Maybe run the Wars on Thursday, voting carries over to Friday morning?
I'd also like to point out the East Coast bias effect on my score this week. Everyone knows the Left Coast gets no respect in the polls. It's science.

I demand respect (or a better list next time)!
What is another name for a snail?
A booger with a crash helmet!

What is a slug?
A snail with a housing problem!

From Vic