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Great Sports Guy mailbag today.

Q: Hey Bill, if you submitted your East Coast fantasy rosters to Vegas, do you think they would post odds on your league champion? If I could get +500 or better on Wyman's team, I think I'd take it. I also think I might have a gambling problem.
-- Chris M., Bowmanville, Ontario

SG: In your defense, you live in Bowmanville, Ontario.
With some slight adjustments? This?

Q: "That's OK, mom will eat it ... " So said the Macaroni Grille waitress. She was speaking about my now ex-girlfriend (I'm 27, she is 39). Would you like to hear how this ended?
-- John, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
SG: You have to admit ... no other writer on the planet gets e-mails like this.

Actually happened to me once (with a few adjustments to the story).
You know, it took me about 5 or 6 readings of this e-mail to figure out what exactly took place. And yeah, I can only imagine how it ended. Not well, probably.