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1. Can I announce that eowen and ed_nimrod got married yesterday? Congratulations!!!

2. I sorta went bananas yesterday; I bought the Lost DVD, the new Paul McCarntey album, and then when we got home from the wedding party I downloaded the new Sigur Ros and the Iron & Wine / Calexico EP. I'm just finishing up the McCartney album right now (there's a hidden instrumental track at the end, which is totally awesome and very surprising) and I gotta say, it's pretty freakin' good. It's not a jaw-dropper, but it's definitely a grower, and I really really appreciate how Nigel Godrich managed to rein in Paul's cheeseball tendencies without sacrificing his sense of whimsy. Imagine Beck's "Sea Change" without all the reverb and you'll get an idea of what this record sounds like - even in terms of mood, as there really aren't any balls-out rockers here.

2a. By the way, I'm experimenting with this Amazon.com Associates program; if you click on the links in the preceding paragraph, and you happen to decide to buy any of those things, I get $0.00001, or something like that.

3. I gotta say - I don't know if it's because I'm doing the meditation, or the fact that I've been eating really healthy, but today's the 2nd day in a row that my stomach isn't totally killing me.

4. Just put on the new Sigur Ros... holy fucking shit.

5. Should there be an iPod war today?
I ordered the Special Edition Macca with the DVD, which should be here soon. The wait is killing me. Sounds like Sea Change??? Heaven.
Yeah, I got the Special Edition, too... can't wait to watch the DVD when I get home.
Sounds like I'm gonna have to get the new Sigur Ros, then.

I vote for an iPod war! Would it be a Friday-only thing, or would you leave submissions/voting open all weekend? These are the things I ponder when I can't get to sleep.
I assume it would just be for today, since I don't normally go on LJ during the weekend, but I could always just have an ultra-mega voting period and announce the results on Monday. It's simply a matter of getting other people to notice it and vote in it... usually 80% of the voting happens within the first 2 hours of the poll being announced.
iPod War iPod War iPod War!

Have you listened to the Iron & Wine yet? I really want to hear the Sigur Ros, too, I hear it's fantastic.

By the way, I've made $5 already from Amazon Associates and it's been through 3 click-throughs for purchased books.
I'm putting on Iron & Wine as soon as I finish Sigur Ros... and Sigur Ros is fucking incredible.
you should check out the video for "Glosolididdlydeeumlat" (sp?...track 2). it's awesome. sigur ros has the ability to make me cry.
Between this record and the new Death Cab, it's like there's no reason for Coldplay to exist anymore.
by the way...re: #1 - awesome, congrats to eowen if you are reading this! i assume it was done city hall-stizz?

there are a number of reasons coldplay shouldn't exist anymore.

do you like the new dc4c? it's really not hitting me anywhere yet.
1. I think eowen is out of commission until this weekend, but it was indeed done City Hall stizz.

2. I do like the new DC4C. It's not the strongest album they've made, but there are lots of nice moments. DC is not a band that's ever going to make an album that will shock the world - that's not something I'd ever want from them, either. I just need those interweaving guitars and shimmering arrangements and I'm all set.
2. Yeah, they're like the new Fleetwood Mac (minus the sex drama and witchcraft, at least as far as I know). Solid albums that you really like but never end up changing your worldview on music.

That being said, this album just feels TOO tame and restrained; We Have the Facts... and Transatlanticism had an immediacy to themselves this one is lacking. In any event, I'll take it over Coldplay.
BTW - I'm almost done with the Sigur Ros, and I'm pretty much ready to call it album of the year. Holy Christ.
I listened to it once the whole way through two nights ago and loved it. I'm not ready to crown it yet, I need to give it more time. It might get headphone album of the year fo' sho'.
Max love LOST. the special features are great, too. can't wait till next wednesday!!!
You'll have it before 5; unfortunately, I'm music-less at the moment but my Shuffle will be serving as jukebox on my ride home.