ipod war

Are you challenging me to a walkoff?

1. OK, so there's a 5-way tie for first place in iPod War #4. You know what that means... it's time for an iPod Walkoff. toddv, 665321, losinginterest and jenza, shuffle up and deal.

2. I'm in the above-mentioned tie, but I'm abstaining from entering because my shuffles wouldn't be very interesting today; I made a "best of 2005 (or earlier but I'm just hearing now for the first time") playlist over the weekend and that's pretty much all I'm listening to these days.

3. Tonight - Season 3 premiere of the greatest show on TV, Arrested Development.

4. Weekend was uneventful; Kath had a Lost DVD marathon, and I alternated between WoW and Burnout Revenge. davidcloyd and I had another fantastic songwriting session on Sunday; it's become quite easy for us to look at a problem and come up with a solution that ends up fixing other, hidden problems. Two new songs are more or less done, now, and only require a finished melody and lyrics.

5. Mondays... suck.
My iPod-fu was found wanting. Too early 90s.

If Arrested Development sucks tonight, I'll be very upset.
Ben Folds Five, "Best Imitation of Myself", s/t
Tool, "Hooker With A Penis", Aenima
Modest Mouse, "The Good Times Are Killing Me", Good News For People...
The Dismemberment Plan, "Girl O'Clock", Emergency & I
Radiohead, "Sail to the Moon", Hail to the Thief
Fugazi, "Last Chance For a Slow Dance", In On the Kill Taker
Robert Pollard, "Kick Me And Cancel", From a Compound Eye
Tuxedomoon, "East/Jinx", Solve et Coagula
Minus the Bear, "Memphis and 53rd", Menos el Oso
Soundgarden, "Head Down", Superunknown
1. John Vanderslice, "The Golden Gate", Pixel Revolt
2. Pixies, "Letter To Memphis", Trompe Le Monde
3. Sigor Ros, "Takk", Takk
4. Outkast, "Toilet Tisha", Stankonia
5. Super Furry Animals, "Sidewalk Serfer Girl", Rings Around the World
6. Spiritualized, "Broken Heart", Ladies and Gentlement...
7. System of a Down, "Lost in Hollywood", Mezmerize
8. Modest Mouse, "Perfect Disguise", Moon & Antartica
9. Radiohead, "No Surprises", OK Computer
10. Sleater-Kinney, "Rollercoaster", The Woods
1. The Beatles, Can't Buy Me Love, 1
2. Phantom Planet, California, The Guest
3. Madonna, Like a Virgin, The Immaculate Collection
4. Squirrel Nut Zippers, You're Driving Me Crazy, The Inevitable
5. Wilco, Via Chicago, Summer Teeth
6. Travis, Love Will Come Through, 12 Memories
7. Jude, Brad & Suzy, No One Is Really Beautfil
8. Ben Harper & The Innocents, Beloved One, Burn to Shine
9. Radiohead, No Surprises, OK Computer
10. Roman Candle, From an Airplane Window, Says Pop
1. The Cure - "Strange Attraction" - Wild Mood Swings
2. Vitalic - "Poney Part 2" - Ok Cowboy
3. Of Montreal - "So Begins Our Alabee" - The Sunlandic Twins
4. Why? - "Vice Principal" - Sanddollars EP
5. Brian Eno - "Under" - Another Day On Earth
6. Stephen Malkmus - "Mama" - Face The Truth
7. Non-Prophets - "A Mill" - Hope
8. Nigel Kennedy and the Kroke Band - "Lost In Time" - East Meets East
9. Danger Doom - "Vats Of Urine" - Mouse & the Mask
10. Anouar Brahem - "Rue du Depart" - Le Pas du Chat Noir
Lost is AWESOME. We just started watching it. I see now why Best Buy has had it for three straight weeks on sale...they're blitzing it and with good reason!