Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
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going home/going to hell

Going home this weekend, which I'm starting to get really psyched about. I haven't been to my mom's house since... since... Passover, I think. A weekend of good, free eats... minimal smoking... plus just being with the family. It'll be nice to get out of the city for 48 hours. Too bad the woman will be in rehearsals all weekend...

She and I watched my DVD of "Contact" last night, which spawned several conversations about God and Science and the Universe and such. Unfortunately I've forgotten pretty much everything we talked about, although what I remember was pretty out there...

My dad's parents were (I think) Irish Catholic, my mom's parents were Jewish. I had a bris, apparently, but no formal religious training or anything. My parents were incredibly non-religious - in fact, it wasn't until they got divorced that my mom started going to the local reform temple on a somewhat regular basis. But they never pushed me into anything, religion-wise - I was really obsessed with music and theatre, and they were psyched that I had such a natural proclivity for things that they understood, so they weren't about to distract me.

During my freshman year of college, I would go home on the weekends to play organ for both the temple (Friday night services and Saturday morning bar/bat mitzvahs) and a local Methodist church (Sunday mornings); I did this for about a year, every weekend. You can imagine what this did to my head - I mean, Reform Judiasm is pretty benign, God is gender-neutral (they don't even say "God"), and the main focus is on community and world-awareness. Whereas some of the Methodist sermons went out of their way to be violently anti-homosexual, -abortion, -Clinton, etc.

Anyway. If you've seen "Contact", you know that Matthew McConaheaeuyueau's only real reason to be in the film is to present a religion-v-science angle w/r/t the whole discovery of alien life. And right when Jodie Foster has pretty much kicked ass and taken names at her audition for "the machine seat", MMcC spoils the party by asking her if she believes in God. She's like, "How is that relevant?", and the panel replies, "well, 95% of the world's population believes in some sort of Higher Power - if you're gonna represent humanity, you gotta represent."

So my question is, what if she was Jewish? or Buddhist? She believes in God, right? or at least A God of some sort... (of course, this is assuming that they'd even LET a woman represent humanity).

Which raises my other question, being that I'm totally ignorant about everything. And I'm not asking this with any sort of sneer, or anything - it's actual genuine curiousity... Being that I don't know what the differences between all the Christian/Catholic/Protestant/Methodist/Lutherian/etc. churches are, why the emphasis on Jesus Christ, and not God itself? And is that God any different than the Jewish conception of God, considering that Jesus himself was a Jew?

And here's the other question. When talking with the woman last night about science's current attempts at explaining creation and the big bang and string-theory and, ultimately, the "theory of everything", she said that she'd prefer NOT to know - that some things are better left mysterious. But when I asked her if someone found actual proof of God's existence, and if she'd prefer that to remain mysterious also, she said no.

So, God's mystery v. Scientific mystery. Explain.
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