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First thoughts after losing it to "Lost"

Tonight I popped my Lost cherry. Kath had a Season 1 marathon over the weekend and was (obviously) totally psyched for tonight; I watched the first half of the pilot and then the little recap thing they did before the premiere.

Um, I'll allow that maybe it's because I'm new to the series and the pacing, but that was a pretty chickenshit way to end the premiere. And also, SO MANY COMMERCIALS. With the exception of Arrested Development, I never watch prime-time TV, and so I'd forgotten than you only get about 5 minutes of action before you see another Toyota commercial. I'm nearly tempted to fuck off for the rest of the season and wait for the DVD.
as a lost viewer from the beginning, i should tell you that if you choose to watch it you should expect one long series of chickenshit endings. but what can i say? i'm addicted.
I guess I oughta watch the entirety of Season 1, then, just so that I'm prepared. It's certainly a very intriguing, X-Files-ish premise, and I can certainly get down with that; the ending just felt cheap. But if that's the way it works, so be it.
AD is the only prime-time TV you watch? Dude, you're missing out on Veronica Mars, House, and (to a certain extent) Scrubs.
Yeah, but I'm not missing Yankee games. Also, generally, when it comes to entertainment, I'd rather be active than passive, which is why most of my TV time is spent with a controller.
get used to it; lost is totally a cliffhanger show. it would be super-odd if the show didn't end with at least one "whaaaaaah?!" moment each episode.

Def a lot of commercials (we watched on ten minute DVR delay), but I would guess that the amount was due more to the fact that it was a premiere (i.o.w., slighlty shorter episode to squeeze in an extra block of hihgly profitable advertising). I bet it will diminish a little as the season goes on.

That being said, I'd say this show does the best job of any show I've ever seen in building the stories around those commercial cuts.
The opening sequence resulted in Kath actually saying "whaaaaaaah?!" out loud, which is kinda funny.
I'm agreeing with the other commenters here, Lost is all about the cliffhanger. If that's not your style, then this is not your show. We watched the first season all at once as well, and it was much more bearable. I don't know if I can stand a week between episodes, like I have a choice.

I will say this though. Lost doesn't depend on the cliffhangers to make the show interesting. The reason I love this show is because I love the characters. That's what makes it work, not the kooky storylines.
Yeah, you're probably right about the characters; the pilot and the recap was setting up the plot, and giving you a general idea as to who the characters are; I'll have to watch the rest of Season 1 in order for these people to matter to me, so that I don't simply get hung up on what they're doing.
Wait, you haven't watched the whole first season yet? See, that's your problem right there. The backstories are what drive this show, and if you haven't seen them all, then you're missing quite a bit.

I personally think it's the best thing on TV, and that's including AD, as much as I love the Bluths. They're really two separate things, but it's weird that what I consider to be the best comedy and the best drama, maybe in the history of my TV watching, are both on during the same time period. Is TV actually getting good???

give it another chance, jervo. you'll get hooked. and record that shit so the commercials don't bother you (though the episode did seem jam packed with them and consequently on the short side). still, i loved it.
We don't have DVR, unfortch, and our VCR is sketchy. I'm sure we'll end up getting the DVDs, and if I find that I'm too impatient, I think I'll be able to wait to watch them that way.
Our VCR is so sketchy it cut off the last thirty seconds of the episode. Ah, the VCR. Or as I like to call it, "Tivo '88."
The commercials make sense as they've been selling the DVDs at or below cost for three weeks now. That plus the media blitz gets them prime money for the commercial spots.