full life


1. Home sick today; I caught Kath's cold over the weekend and today it's kicking my ass. Blech. You know how shitty the Yankees' pitching was yesterday? I feel worse than that.

2. None of you mentioned watching Ricky Gervais' "Extras" on Sunday night; Kath and I did, and we were giddily excited for it, but it came and went and even now I feel as if I was hoping for something else. It's funny, and there was one scene in particular which was excruciatingly uncomfortable (in the way that only Ricky Gervais can pull off), but it's not necessarily the greatest show ever, which maybe I'd hoped it would be.

3. That's also because "Arrested Development" is the greatest show ever, by a country mile; I remain flabbergasted as to how blatantly subervise that show is, especially as it's on Fox - that tiny little allusion to Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein was a fantastic little touch.

Before I go, I just want to send a little shoutout to nounsandverbs, a real-life friend of mine that I haven't seen in person in god knows how long; he is a fantastic musician and producer, as well as a good friend that I've missed a lot. I don't know how you tracked me down, but I'm very happy that you did.
My TiVo didn't get Extras. Why?

While this week's AD was mostly weak on a level with "Ready, Aim, Marry Me," that was one particularly nice touch, yes.
Celine and I bittorrented the first two episodes of Extras when it came out in England, and I wasn't all that impressed either. I mean, it was funny, but it wasn't The Office, you know? I fear he was so good as David Brent that we'll never be able to see him as anything else.

We downloaded the third episode about three months ago and have yet to watch it.
i think it would be better if we could have the closed captioning on, or at least watch it on a television at a louder volume. the sound on the torrented files is so low that we can't always understand what's going on. but i like it! hopefully it'll come out on dvd within the next year or something.