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Bob Loblaw is in the house

1. Oh, SO excited for tonight's Arrested Development. When Oscar-winner Charlize Theron and Scott fucking Baio get equal "special guest star" billing, you KNOW you're in for good times. In other news, it took about a week for me to actually "get" the Bob Loblaw joke. This is why my wife is so awesome.

2. Speaking of my wife, her public smackdown on me w/r/t my smackdown of Lost has shown me one thing above all else: I will definitely not be watching Lost anymore. So enjoy your newfound peace and quiet, Lost-lovers; you won't have me kicking your show around anymore.

3. Also speaking of my wife, we were outside of Syracuse this weekend for her sister's wedding, which was beautiful and wonderful. The clean country air made my already-asskicking cold freak out a bit, but all things being equal it was a very nice weekend. Also, JetBlue is the greatest airline in the world, because when you're on the plane and your seatbelts are fastened and your baggage is safely stowed in the overhead compartment and you're ready to taxi but suddenly the navigation computer system gets glitchy and the pilot says he has to reboot it, you don't really care that much because, hey, you're still watching football and you don't really notice the hours go by.

4. Speaking of football, are the New York Giants really 3-1? Did Eli Manning really throw 4 TDs yesterday? We've got a pretty creampuff schedule from the looks of things, so I'm not going to make any judgements one way or the other until we face Philly, but when the New York Giants have the highest scoring offense after 4 weeks, one's got to be appreciative. I'll feel a bit better if they can start defending the pass, but hey - having a kickass QB/WR combo never hurt anybody.

5. The AL East Champion Yankees will face Anaheim tomorrow night. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about that series, especially as Anaheim has played the Yankees tougher than anybody else over the last 10 years or so, but the truth of the matter is that until Saturday I wasn't totally convinced that the Yankees would even be in the playoffs at all; as it stands, I'm just grateful that there's more baseball for me to watch.

iPod war tomorrow? I never got around to incorporating the 'guess the lyric' angle, so we'll go with the ol' standard. The idea, since I never really articulated it, was that your submissions would consist only of the first line of each song; the voting, then, would be influenced by (a) knowing the song by the lyrics and approving and/or (b) not knowing the song but simply judging the lyrics on their own merits. This would make instrumental/classical music nearly impossible, and I was unsure about the legality/enforcability of Googling lyrics. Also, the whole thing felt like too much work on everybody's parts, and the phrase "too much work" should never be applied to iPod wars (you hear me, LJ poll creator?). Anyway; tomorrow it is. However, if you can think of a cool way to incorporate this idea, iPod War #5 will be dedicated in your honor.
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