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1. The results are in!!! mgrasso and I are co-captains of the cool club this morning.

2. The Broken Social Scene CD finally arrived this morning; I'm 2 songs into it and it's pretty goddamned awesome. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player can't find the track info, and the CD isn't easily forthcoming with the song names (which is to say that the titles aren't on the back cover, but in the middle of the fold). Whatever, that hasn't stopped me before. Now the 3rd song started. I'm in a very good mood now.

3. My good mood is also due to the Yankees' 4-2 victory over the Angels last night, which was totally unexpected and bodes well. Moose pitched far better than could've been expected, given his elbow problems, and having the early lead probably didn't hurt, either.

4. Where there is good, there is bad; my stomach has taken a turn for the worse this week. I've got a therapy session this afternoon, and if that doesn't help, there's always retail therapy. I must admit that I haven't been as dedicated to the meditation as I'm supposed to be. However, I've been eating as healthy as I ever have, and I've probably lost about 4-8 pounds over the last month because of it.

5. sprite9034 has a good meme going; if I have time, I'll rock one of those as well. However, we gotta respect bandwidth issues, as stacyinthecity would readily point out, and it might also be fun (and easier) to do lines of dialogue.
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