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1. Back on the good foot again, w/r/t my stomach. Went to therapy yesterday, and the session was rather uneventful until around 5 minutes before the session was up, which is when my therapist dropped a bomb on me and totally blew my mind. He presented a dramatically - I might even go as far to say radically - different way to view my IBS symptoms, and I'm already feeling about 1000x times better than I have in months. Did my PMR meditation this morning; packed a healthy lunch; feeling totally great. That feeling good is unusual does not mean that I can't accept it, which is also something of a personal victory.

2. Speaking of victories, last night's Yankee loss - well, I don't know that I'd characterize it as disheartening, but I'd really have preferred to have swept and then give the ball to Unit for Game 3. As it stands, I feel pretty good with Chacon for Game 4 - because if the series goes BACK to Anaheim for Game 5, I think the Angels win.

2a. Boston might be down 0-2, but they're going back to Fenway, and I'm sure Schilling will pull some sort of miracle out of his ass AGAIN. Holy shit, I hate Curt Schilling.

3. I've only gotten through the new Broken Social Scene 1 1/2 times; it's not You Forgot It In People, that's for sure. There's some good stuff on it - "7/4 Shoreline" in particular - but the tight songwriting that made YFIIP so compelling has been replaced by a production scheme so elaborate and obtuse that it renders the songwriting almost irrelevant - on first listen your ears are barraged by cacaphony. YFIIP had a similar production aesthetic but it felt a bit more organic - the arrangements were loose and the production enhanced that, but ultimately they were both serving incredibly strong songwriting. Let me put it another way - when I first put on YFIIP, I listened to the songs, and didn't really pay attention to all the crazy bits until the 20th listen or so. But with the new album, I'm listening to the production instead of the songs, which isn't nearly as interesting.

3a. iTunes has the new Wolf Parade album - sorta. You can't buy the whole album, because for some insane reason they're not offering Track 9, which means I would have to buy the other songs one at at time, which is stupid and not cost-effective. Everyone's been going bananas over this record, which means I'll go out and get a hard copy, but I'd prefer just to download the damn thing as it's cheaper and takes up less space.

That's it for now.
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