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I'm at my mom's house this weekend, the house I grew up in, about an hour's drive north of NYC. My younger brother and I have been reviving a lot of old pasttimes today, such as: we threw a baseball around, once on the lawn and once at the reservoir; we went to the local batting cage (I was absolutely terrible); and we just finishing a joint and quality Sega Genesis time (Streets of Rage 3, Road Rage 2, NHL 96). I also hung out on the lawn, checking out the stars. I haven't seen a good night sky in maybe a year or so; tonight was a beautiful night, we saw millions of stars. Which brings to mind that old Hum tune.

Oh, and finished Harry Potter 2 this afternoon, started on 3 after dinner, although shortly after that we all watched "Best in Show", which was awesome, of course.

It's been a strange weekend; my mom is sick, plus there's some intense issues brewing about my grandmother and my uncle, which I really don't feel like getting into now - it's late, I'm tired and too zoned out to really get into the nitty gritty. I'll save it for Monday; I'm having too relaxing a time right now to start dredging up all the wierdness.

All I really wanted to say was that it's really nice to be home, out of the city, with a fully stocked refridgerator and plenty of nothing to do.

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