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1. Jon Stewart takes on Bill O'Reilly here. Lots of booing! If anything, it's just too damned short. JS asks BOR why he went after Cindy Sheehan but not the neocons. And then...

Stewart: It's true we add insult to injury....but you add the injury.

* * *

Bill: There's alot of bad people out there and it's our job to go after them.

Stewart: So when are you going to start?

2. Speaking of Jon Stewart, Kath and I watched the first segment of last night's Colbert Report (O'Reilly referred to him on the Daily Show as "the French Guy"); pretty goddamned funny stuff. He's got the entire Fox News style down pat, but with a savage wit.

3. I had a therapy session yesterday, and then I had a retail therapy session immediately afterward. Picked up: Little Britian Season 1, Arrested Development Season Two, The Office Holiday Special, and Batman Begins 2-Disc Deluxe Edition. We popped in the AD blooper reel because I'd heard that David Cross has a little rant at the end that makes the disclaimer "The views expressed in this feature are not necessarily those of the Fox Company, etc." somewhat relevant, and I had no idea what on earth he could've said; well, he does indeed have a rant, and it's quite brilliant and eloquent, and it's not even about George Bush! Also, the blooper reel is fucking hilarious. As is the show. As for Little Britain - I'd heard a lot about it, saw one episode and was kinda turned off, although Kath adored it; this weekend BBC America had a Little Britain marathon and we watched a few episodes, and I'll say right now it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, EVER. The Office Special is just something I needed to own, just because the Tim/Dawn stuff is heartbreaking and wonderful.

More to come, possibly.
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